Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Have Been Boo-ed!

My friend Connie BOO-ED me on her blog! This is one of my favorite blogs and we have become very close blogging friends. Go visit her blog. You will love it. We have found out that we are a lot alike. It is amazing because we would not even know of each other if we didn't blog! Neither one of us really celebrate Halloween, but this seemed like fun. It gives you a chance to see other bloggers that we love.


Anonymous said...

I went through your list of people you can Boo! I thought of your mom and looked at her blog last. But she all ready was Boo-ed! How funny!

Darla said...

Hey that's cool. Were you scared?

Anonymous said...

I enjoying BOO-ing you too!
Happy Halloween Day candy. Hugs!

Needled Mom said...

Happy Halloween.

Corinna said...

Thanks for the Boo Valerie! I made up 25 bags of candy to hand out and had 24 trick or treaters. So there's one bag left for me. Perfect!