"Just Because"

My "sweet best friend" Vicki is a super woman. I don't know how she does everything that she does. She works 2 jobs and runs her home and is the best cook ever!! She also is the very best friend anyone could have. She is one of the smartest & strongest women that I know. Of course she is very humble and doesn't realize how much she does. The only thing that she doesn't do is "blog" and I am trying to talk her into that! We are both so busy that we don't get to see each other much but when we do, it is just like we were together yesterday. I know without a doubt that if I called her for something she would be here in a heartbeat. Today I planned to go visit her at her work and take her a few surprises but the morning got by and we ended up just meeting for a few minutes as she was on her way to her second job. We met in the parking lot of Kmart and we gave each other "best friend hugs" and then I loaded her things in her car. A lot of women would not appreciate the simplicity of my "just because gifts" but I knew she would love them. I gave her some of the Brunswick Stew that I made yesterday along with a loaf of banana bread that I made this morning. I also gave her some of my green tomatoes, bell pepper & hot pepper from my garden. I thought she might want to fry the green tomatoes and freeze the bell pepper and make her some pepper sauce. I also gave her some of my canned goods! I took her 2 of my gourds that I grew in my garden. I thought her "sweet honey" might want to make some bird houses out of them. One is dried and almost ready and the other was still green and heavy. They love their birds & flowers just as we do. I loved to share my blessings with her and wish I could do it more. She was so happy to get these very simple gifts. The Lord never ceases to amaze me. When I give, I am always blessed. When I got home I had an email from Darla asking me to go to her blog and let her know if I would like to have some seeds. I went to her blog and was amazed what her and her girls had done today. Of course, I said yes & asked her how much I would owe her and she said that I didn't owe her anything. She said that if she shared, then the Lord blesses her. So see, I shared with Vicki and then Darla blessed me with her "just because" gifts. And the blessings go on and on and on "just because."


Needled Mom said…
It sounds like it was the perfect day for you. It is so wonderful to share your blessings with others.
Sal said…
How wonderful it is to have special friends who are prepared to drop everything when you call just to help out. I have a couple of such friends too, and they are priceless. Have a lovely weekend, and I hope the sun is shining where you are. I so enjoy your blog, keep up the good work!
Darla said…
Second blog that's making me cry this morning. You are a great giving friend. I'm hoping Vicki will give in to the peer pressure of blogging, haha. You took her some very good gifts, YUMMY!
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful friendship! There is that saying about the different types of people who find their way into our lives. What a lovely frind you have. I'm sure the blessing is 2 way. :-)
Alice Grace said…
What a wonderful friendship you both have in each other and this friendship has lasted many many years! It is a beautiful thing! I call Vicki my "adopted daughter", because I have adopted her into my heart. I can understand why you both have this wonderful friendship. You are both so blessed!
Vicki said…
For A Dear Friend
In all my life
I have never had a friend
quite like you.
No matter how busy you are,
you always find the time
to listen, to lend support,
to share a laugh or dry a tear.
You have a wonderful talent
for making other people
feel special.
You have helped me
in so many ways,
and I am grateful to you
for everything.
I just want to be sure
that you know that,
and I wanted to tell you
that I love you...
I really do.
Darla said…
Well, that was sooo special from Vickie...now if she would just start blogging and share her sweet spirit with us as well........we would all be better people.
Anonymous said…
Oh My...those gords look like ducks! Amazing!