We had a great time at my Moms house. We were so sad because my sister Brenda and her family did not get to come. Her husband is having some major medical issues so they had to stay with him. Please keep them in your prayers as they face some very scary things. We don't get to see them enough anyway because they live out of town so we always look forward to the holidays. But we are hoping things will be better at Christmas.

But we did have a very special guest--My 95 year old Granny. Most of you know her through my blog. I don't think she has ever had Thanksgiving with us. I was so excited. It made my day. She even brought my mother a quilt that she had made. My mom was so thrilled. Granny really enjoyed herself. She shared with us how my mothers Mom, my other grandmother (who has already went home to be with the Lord) was her best friend. I just think that is so special. We were so blessed to have her there with us on this Thanksgiving. Can you tell that I am proud of my whole family? I am so thankful.


Needled Mom said…
I loved seeing all the pictures, but especially the ones of Granny and the different generations. How wonderful those moments are!

I am sorry to hear about your sister. I will definitely add them to my prayers. These are hard times to have to be dealing with medical issues as you describe.

Our Thanksgiving is tomorrow so we are still looking forward to the good times. Have a nice weekend.
Alice Grace said…
It was a wonderful Thanksgiving with the family and especially Granny. Brenda and family would have made it complete had they been able to come. Good food, good company, and many thanks to God for His blessings to us all.
Jacquelynne said…
Looks like you had a wonderful day. We were also blessed that most of our family were able to come and celebrate with us- something to be truly thankful for.
Sal said…
I am so glad you had a lovely time, and sorry your sister couldn't make it there, but can understand why. I pray all is well with them.
Carliea said…
I am sorry to hear about your sister's family. I will keep them in my prayers and on my heart. I am glad that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
G'G'ma said…
Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving gathering. When part of the family is missing it sure leaves a big hole though. I'll pray for your sister and family.