Here are some of the quilts & things that me and my "Sweet Mom" saw yesterday at our favorite quilt store. Also, there is a picture of my "Sweet Mom" showing me her jelly roll and how she did some of the blocks. It is beautiful. And then to top it off.........My "sweet honey" went deer hunting yesterday and didn't see anything. I told him he should have went with us. We had a great breakfast at Panera Bread and then on the way to the quilt store, we saw 5 deer on the side of the road. I, of course, with camera in hand, and Mom as the driver, had to snap a few pictures to show my "Sweet honey". He thought it was so funny!


Alice Grace said…
Yes, we did have a great time! You did not mention that there were actually 5 deer in that field! They were beautiful! Too bad Randy didn't see any in the woods! LOL.
We had great fun, as always at our favorite quilt store.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for sharing pics of these beautiful quilts. The ribbon border on the Red, White and Blue quilt caught my eye. It almost looks like a Eleonor Burns border.
Darla said…
Way to rub it in!! Great post!!
PEA said…
How wonderful that you got to spend such a lovely day with your mom:-) I love spending time with mine also. How funny that you should see all those deer while driving to the quilt store! hehe xoxo
Wonderful to see the photos of the Bambi's. And I love reading about the great time you had with your Mom. She's such a treat.

...and so are you of course.
Darla said…
Hi, please come by I have a double treat for you!!
Jacquelynne said…
I think it is much nicer to shoot deer with a camera than the "other" way- I think the deer would agree!
Karen said…
Wonderful pictures!
Mom is soooo cute...glad you include her!
Love your quilts...I have a couple old ones but don't think they are realllllly old...but still love them.
Brenda said…
You have such a beautiful Mom. Love Brenda