Friends, Family, Baby & even a Blogger!!

As you all can imagine, blogging & sewing is on the back burner right now with a new grandbaby in the family. We are all thrilled with our new grandson. Our little family is great. Everyone is just pitching in. When I am not there to help Mandy & Dusty, one of my other daughters are. They have a lot of precious friends that have helped too. Tonight, their friends, Behki & Todd brought supper over for them. They were at the hospital all night with all of us. She is now an official member of our family! Behki has told the story of Mandys labor & delivery on her blog. Behki, my "sweet daughter" Shannon, & my "sweet grandaughter", Triston & Nicole (Mandys other best friend that is just like a daughter to me) were so funny. They would stand at the door listening to Mandy in the labor room. (see pic.) It was a long night. We thought the baby would be here before 11 p.m. that night but he was turned the wrong way so she had to have a c-section. We are thankful that they both are doing good. Our other grandchildren are so excited and completely in love with him. They brought the baby home on Tuesday but I am just now getting around to showing more pictures. Notice the beautiful quilt that is covering the baby's car seat...... That is the one that Sandy made. I won it on her blog! Isn't it gorgeous? Everything is going great. We are still all very tired especially Mandy & Dusty. They are great parents and are enjoying the journey. They have been married for 7 years and have planned for this special little angel. Thank you to all of our family & friends for your help and prayers and even to Sandy, a blogging buddy who made a quilt for "Baby Davis."

Update on my Sister:As happy as I am for my little family and this new addition I can't help but think of my sister and her children who just lost their husband and dad. They live out of town so we will be going there next weekend for a Memorial Service in honor of him. My Mom has been with Brenda through all of this sadness. She has not seen our little baby yet but there is not another place I would rather my Mom had been than with Brenda & her little family. Please continue to pray for them all.


Needled Mom said…
It sounds like everyone has their hands full right now. My prayers are with your sister and her husband at the loss of their husband and daddy. It has to be so difficult for them.

Again, congratulations on the newest little guy. I can see how thrilled everyone is with him and I am so glad that all went well. As long as you get a good baby it doesn't matter how he came.

Happy new year.
SandyQuilts said…
Oh my gosh Davis is just too adorable (2nd to my own GS, of course, LOL). I'm so happy for all of you.

My prayers are winging their way to your sister and family ... I'm so sorry for their loss.

Oh I wish I lived close enough to visit ... I'd love to hold Davis. Congrats again.
Karen said…
I want to drive right down there and cuddle him up!
Kim said…
So happy to hear that your grandchild has be so completely welcomed to our world. Such a joy this child is. I am so sorry for the loss of your brother in-law. I can't even imagine this kind of loss. Can't imagine a grandchild either, no grand babies in our family. Yet.
Karen said…
Valerie, what a bitter sweet moment for your mother....she's where she needs to be right now though.

Sounds like everyone is doing great helping your daughter and son in-law and baby!

Such beautiful photos.

PEA said…
That first picture cracked me up, so cute to see them all listening at the door! hehe I'm so glad that all went well in the end and that mom and baby are healthy:-) There is nothing like a brand new baby in the family to bring so much joy.

My own grandbaby is doing very well and I can't wait for Winter to end so that I can start traveling again on my own to visit her. Right now the weather is just too unpredictable!!

Happy New Year my friend:-) xoxo
lindsey said…
Congratulations on the birth of your new grandson and I am praying for your sister and family too. I know that God will comfort and encourage her and her family.
QuiltedSimple said…
Oh I'm so happy for you on the birth of your grandson, but I feel so for your sister for her loss.

You've got some great pictures here of the newest little one. Enjoy him!

Behki said…
love the easedropping pic, i cant wait to get my copy!! My mom asked when you were gonna come over and play quilt with her lol, she's silly. Surely one day while your at mandy's we can get you two crazy girls together! im sure our paths will cross many times in the future!
KrisinTN said…
I am thankful that both baby & Mother are doing great! I know how it feels to be standing on the other side of the door, and all you can do is pray! All the pictures are beautiful.