Ice & Snow In Gatlinburg

I just thought you would enjoy seeing some of the things we have seen today here in the mountains. It warmed up some today, but it is still so cold. We are having a great time and as much as I love home, I really wish we would just get snowed in tonight. We are in walking distance of restaurants so we would be fine!!! BRING IT ON!!!


Anonymous said…
I adore Gatlinburg but have never seen it in the winter. I love it there anytime and seeing snow in the mountains would be beatiful. I hope you get your wish for snow. Thinking of you!
Alice Grace said…
Oh those pictures of the snow and ice are beautiful! How wonderful for you that you got snow while there! Enjoy to the fullest!
Jacquelynne said…
We almost got snowed in on a trip to West Virginia a few years ago. On the morning that we were to leave, we looked out the window at 6 or 7 am and it was coming down like crazy. We managed to make it home, but it was a frightful trip! Once we did get home, we were snowed in here for a couple of days!
Glad you are having fun- stay warm.
Carliea said…
It is beautiful here in TN,lol. I hope you have had a wonderful time and I hope you get home safely.
Karen said…
OMGosh cold there too!

I love Gatlinburg...but it has been a couple years since we've been there.

Enjoy your vacation.

Brenda Sue said…
Happy Birthday dear Sister! I love you so much! You deserve the mountains, the beauty of God's earth, the love of your life right by your side! I hope your birthday was wonderful!