Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Mom Meets Baby Davis

My "Sweet mother" is the rock of our family. If anyone is in need, she is there. She puts all of us before herself. I cannot say enough about my Mom. Having said all that, Mom had not met baby Davis. She has been there for all 3 of her other great grandchildren but was out of town helping my sister as she went through the loss of her husband when the baby was born. I was so anxious to see her with him. He was born on Dec. 28 and she met him when he was a week old. I just thought I would share a couple of pictures of her with him. They were so precious! My Mom does not look like a great grandmother, does she???
Check out the slideshow on my sidebar to see more pictures of the night the baby was born!

Update on my sister: Pray for my sister and her 2 children. There will be a memorial service for her husband and their father this coming Saturday.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet meeting of these two precious members of your family. My heart goes out to your family during this tragic loss of your sister's husband.

Karen said...

Beautiful pictures - and I've always thought your mother is a beautiful young looking MOM/ are so lucky to have her.

Alice Grace said...

What a joyous time for me to finally get to meet Baby Davis!
He is precious, beautiful, and everything else wonderful!
Thanks for sharing this post with me.

QuiltedSimple said...

What a treat for your Mom to be able to meet baby Davis. I'll be thinking of all your families!

Needled Mom said...

How special it must have been to meet Davis for the first time and, NO, she does not look like a great grandmother.

Your sister nad her family remain in my prayers.

Julie said...

What beautiful photos. Your mother looks so sweet. Blessings to you and your family at this happy/sad time. Julie

PEA said...

Such treasured photos of your mom and little Davis...look at that proud smile of hers:-) Your mom is so beautiful and as you say she certainly doesn't look old enough to be a grandma, let alone a great grandma!!! xoxo

Carliea said...

I didn't realize how much you looked like your mother until I saw this picture. You have her smile definitely.

KrisinTN said...

Your Mom is so beautiful! Baby Davis looks like he is getting big already... Isaac already weighs almost 15lbs and boy is he long!

Alice Grace said...

This is my second comment on this post, but I was looking at that wonderful slide show of the baby on your sidebar, and I just have one you think you may make a picture or two of this beautiful child? LOL!
Beautiful pictures!

Darla said...

That's special, don't forget those generational photos to pass along. Heck no she doesn't much look like a grandmother much less a great!! Been holding your sister close to me too!!

Brenda Sue said...

Pure joy watching my beautiful Mama hold sweet baby Davis! Both are so precious. Love, Brenda