Granny's Precious "Things"

My Precious, Precious 95 Year old Granny

I wonder how many dishes have been washed in her sink.

Wonder how many conversations
have been shared on this kitchen phone?
She still uses this metal dish pan. I can remember
this from when I was a little girl.
Her Precious little hands doing her favorite thing.
The Gas Stove that she heats with and it is warm!
Old Kitchen Radio
Her canisters.
I wonder how old these are.
These kittys are hanging on the livingroom wall
Granny was frying okra for lunch.
Her Favorite Thing....Her sewing machine.
Sometimes when I visit my Granny I take pictures of things that I think are precious. Most of the time she never knows when I am taking them. I look around her little humble home and think how happy she is inside of herself. I think of how we all think we need "things." I talk to Granny a lot about her life and the most important thing to her is her "Lord." She says that is all that matters in this life. My daddy told me one day about her routine. She gets up, turns the coffee pot on, reads her Bible & prays. Then she fixes her breakfast (homemade biscuits & bacon & eggs) and then she starts her day. She usually starts her quilts early in the morning and sews most of the day. She does have to take breaks though. When she takes breaks you will find her doing word searches or puzzles. She eats her lunch around 11:30 and it is usually a pan of cornbread and something simple like fried okra. She loves sewing her quilts. She tried to tell me one day about how much she loves doing them and I told her I totally understood. She says that most people don't understand her love for it. She told me that once she starts a quilt she likes to get it done in case something happens to her, she would want it finished. She used to do 2 quilts in a week but now I think she just gets one done. I think that is a lot. (It took me 25 years to do my first quilt.) She is very proud that I am enjoying sewing. She does have a t.v. but I can honestly say that I have never saw it on. My daddy told me that she does watch 2 church programs a day. Friday is always "wash" day. She will not change her schedule at all. She goes to bed before 7 p.m. -I remember going to visit one day and it was about 5:30 and she told me that I needed to come earlier because it was about bedtime. She is just so precious. I know that "things" are not important to her. But as I look around and see things that have been there as long as I can remember they are sure precious to me. By taking pictures, I will have memories more than just in my mind. It is not so much the "things" as it is the memories that I want to never forget. I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I do.

Below are my goals for tomorrow (Monday) per As I get them done I will be marking them during the day. Last week I didn't do as good as I had planned to, but Life does happen. My Bible reading stopped after last Tues. and then "the trial" came and I didn't pass the test because I didn't resume my Bible reading. I will be trying to do better this week hopefully. I am picking myself up, dusting my knees off and starting again.

Flylady Update: Zone- The Main Bathroom & Home Office Area
Monday-Weekly Home Blessing Hour (cleaning)
Prayer Time & Bible Reading: Starting again in :Psalms 3 DONE
*This weeks Zone: The Main Bathroom & Home Office Area
*15 min. Decluttering: I will be cleaning out 2 drawers in my bedroom DONE
*15 Minute Mission: I will start by starting at the top, cleaning any cobwebs from ceiling down, then cleaning the vent & light fixtures in my master bathroom. In the Office area I will be clearing off my desk area. DONE
*Water: Goal is 6 Glasses
*Walking: Goal is 15 minutes
*Laundry: I always wash a load or 2 whether big or small every weekday morning. DONE
*Ironing: I will iron as the clothes come out of the dryer in order to keep up. DONE
Whats for Dinner tonight? Barbecue chicken, Potato Salad, & Baked beans DONE
Sewing: I want to finish my siggy blocks this week. That is my goal. We will see!
By the way, I sent both of my PIF gifts out last week to my MOM & to Darla! I hope they liked them. I made them a Buckwheat Neck Pillow made with 100% natural buckwheat hulls that are allergy free and dust free. I made them with some beautiful blue waverly fabric. Alyssa, my 8 year old grandaughter also signed up for the PIF. I didn't think she would enjoy a neck pillow so I have made her a special gift that will go out in the mail on Tuesday. I will share pictures of all of these once Alyssa gets hers.


Michelle said…
Your grandma is just so precious. What a Godly woman. I wish we could all be like her.
Alice Grace said…
You will always remember your visits with Granny and what you have learned from her. She is a very precious person and child of God.
QuiltedSimple said…
Your grandmother sounds like such a wonderful lady.
Oh to live a life like your Granny. She sure is a sweet lady and loves her Lord. You will cherish those memory photos for years and years to come.
quiltingnana said…
such a wonderful tribute to your are so lucky...As for the cannisters. I got a set just like that for a wedding gift almost 36 years ago. Needless to say, mine are long gone. Hers are in such good condition
Anonymous said…
Your precious grandmother knows the secrets of life and so have you. Life does not consist of things but keeping our eyes on the prize...many are clueless to what it is...but the wise make it their goal to find it. You know what it is. I wish I could meet your Granny someday, for it would be an honor. Both my precious grannies are gone and I would give so much to have time on earth again with them. While they were alive I was too busy to make time for them, how foolish I was.

You have set goals for yourself day by day and this is wise. For without them, how can we know if we have met them.

I wish you a blessed and joyful day. I am so glad that we have met here and have made a friendship. You are special to me.
how precious to see you granny! Both of my grandmothers died while I was a teen. My mother andd Father have also passed on. If we could just get it, Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and strength and everything else, well it just happens. She is a true example of how to "live life simply". My, how we just mess things up by doing things that really do not matter a "hill of beans". God First and everything else next. God bless her and you!
What a loving post about your precious brought tears to my eyes as it got me to thinking about my own sweet Gram.
Karlene said…
Beautiful! I miss my Gram and our children miss there Grandma...that is so precious the visits with your granny...I also have that canister set and love it...Thank You for sharing.
Angie said…
Your Granny is so precious. I had tear well up to see the things she has and does throughout her day. My gramma is 88 and is precious to me too. I learned many things from her and enjoyed spending my Spring Breaks from school with her and grampa. Those memories are so wonderful aren't they! Thank you for sharing! I find your words inspiring and great comfort!
hugs, angie
G'G'ma said…
What a wonderful tribute to your Granny. How fortunate you are to have her close and can visit her often. I'm sure she loves every minute you spend with her.

My Mom had the same canister set. She didn't drink tea so used the tea canister for bacon grease!
how precious those memories are! makes me miss my grandma and the little things that made her home special.
Anonymous said…
You know, I think that Granny had the right idea of staying on a schedule. When we think about it, GOD is a God of Schedules! The sun comes up and does down on a schedule...the moon, the stars, etc. All things in nature go on a schedule. God even has a schedule for His Spiritual work! Granny knew that to have a schedule was to value her time here on earth!