Several Projects

I am working on my PIF exchange gifts. I know what I am making and I made me one last night. The picture showing the pink flowered fabric is the one I made me. I don't want to show the whole thing or tell what it is until they are mailed but I am excited. They should be mailed out next week. It is a very simple thing but I love it. Simple is good.

I have also been working on my siggy blocks. Connie did a tutorial on her blog showing how she is making hers. I have got several done following her directions. I love doing the chain piecing. It makes it go so fast. I love getting the experience and can't wait to see all the others. Thank you Connie. You really helped me.
I also am trying to refresh myself with My best friend, Vicki introduced me to this program several years ago and it really helps me get my housecleaning done so I can have fun doing other sewing. I have been telling about my progress on my other blog. I have now decided to combine that blog with this one so you will be hearing about it on here now. Today was "desk day" so it was my day to pay bills, write letters, work on tax info., send cards, plan meals, make grocery list, etc.. I also spent 15 minutes getting some things together to put on ebay. I spent 5 minutes washing the windows on my french doors. My home is still clean and laundry and ironing is done. I don't do everything she teaches but I am working on it. She even reminds you to drink water and take breaks and pamper yourself. I will be sharing more things that I am working on with flylady later. It really works!

I am working very hard to save some money also. When I make a purchase now, I actually think twice about it and make sure that we need it. Times are hard for everyone right now. A while back we had to help a family member who had no medical insurance with 2 surgeries and lots of medical bills, along with other things so we are trying to save and recoop some of the money we had to spend. We were glad to help, but now we have to get to work and save, save, save. Thank goodness we are out of debt, but it still takes so much to live. Several years ago, we came upon a radio program that was teaching people to get out of debt. At that time, we didn't think it was possible, but it is. We did it. And when hard times come like it is for everyone right now, it is just a peaceful, safe feeling to know that you have a home paid for and owe no man anything. Our economy has caused people to lose their jobs, homes, cars, etc. Paychecks are down and bills are high. Our electricity bill alone has almost tripled the last few months. I can't believe it. I go around cutting lights out all the time. My kids think I am crazy, but a small leak will sink a big ship so we have to be aware of the little things. This is why I feel like I need to share the website of this Christian Financial adviser with you. It is - If you need a plan, he has one and it works if you follow it. Dave & Flylady both believe it takes "baby steps. Dave always says: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

I put my card table out so my puzzle can stay out all the time. Yes, I know that I don't have time to put it together but I am doing it anyway. My "sweet granny" says it is good for your mind. Anyway, we all have time for what we want to have time for. The grandchildren help me when they are over here, but we kept having to put it up, but now we can leave it out all of the time. If we want to work on it for 5 minutes or an hour it is there for anyone who wants to help.

Cooking is another passion of mine and I love to try new things so there will be recipes or links on here from time to time also. Tonight, my "sweet daughter & sweet boyfriend,"Maranda and Lane made a mexican dip to go with our soft tacos. You can find this recipe here: - It was wonderful. We love Pioneer Woman!

Another project that we do is that we also help with the food bank (see picture with food shelves) at our Church which we love to do. It takes a lot of time shopping, organizing, and giving food away, but it is a very rewarding thing to do and we are so proud to be a part of it. It is funded by our local church. We have several people that help with this. We also help with a program which provides people that have loved ones in the hospital with snacks, so if they don't want to leave the hospital,they will have food to eat. We try to include things like mints, chewing gum, cup of soups, crackers, chips, jerkey, microwavable meals, sandwiches, etc. This program came to my mind when I actually experienced this with my best friend & her family. They were up at the hospital with her mother who was very sick and a church brought in food for all of us. It meant the world to us. So I told my Pastor about it and he said to go for it. Everyone is totally supportive of this. There are a lot of people involved with both of these projects from giving a little money to help fund it, to donating items or shopping or helping give the food out. Our motto is: Alone we can do a little, but together we can do a lot. This is our little part of spreading the Word, through sharing from our Church.
Another project is that I am trying to read a chapter a day in the Bible. I am in Ruth right now. I also am trying to make sure and start my day with prayer. That is the least I can do for HIM considering what HE did for me. Thank you, Lord.

I have several projects going on that are "works in progress" & I will be listing them on my sidebar soon. This is a way I can account to myself and maybe finish something soon. I have so many things that I want to learn. When I go to bed, my brain is on overload and when I wake up, (right after my coke in bed).....I am ready to get busy. I help my "sweet honey" with his business a lot and I have a small business of my own, so I try to get all my running done so I can come home and get started on something that I love. I heard someone say the other day that they are bored at can that be? I don't get it. Home is where "my" heart is.


Alice Grace said…
What a great post! I am so proud of you, because you not only find better ways to do things, but you follow them faithfully, and are a model for Flylady and Dave Ramsey! I can't wait to find out what those projects are!
Darla said…
Okay missy, what type of energy pills do you take?? Mailed my PIF gifts yesterday!!
quiltingnana said…
congratulations on your hard work and example..sometimes we don't know how much we are blessed until we need to help others. You are right, determination and planning can help
KrisinTN said…
Hey busy lady! I was in Dalton the 4 out of the last 5 days and I didn't get to see you. We were extremely busy with the family, but I wish I'd had time to see you & Randy.
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful post!!! I was curious what is PIF exchange??just curious. I also find Dave Ramsey very inspiring. We used his Total Money Makeover to schedule our debt free plan. It is sooo funny that you posted about the puzzles. lol I just told my husband today that I was going to set up a table to leave a puzzle out so when people come over they can add a few pieces etc. I think it is good for your mind too!! I love hearing about churches that really minister to people through love. Very inspiring post!! I am off to check out the recipe link!! Thanks!