Moda Charm Pack Pin Cushions

One of the many gifts from Connie!

My first Pin Cushion (Pinwheel Design)

Back of first pin cushion

Second Pin Cushion (Square in a Square)

Back of Second Pin Cushion

This is my favorite. I made this one from the scraps of the other 2.

I guess I can say I made my own pattern up, huh??

This is the back of the last one.

Gift from my "Sweet Mom"
I just love this magazine.
Thank you Mom!

I won a gift from Connie way back in Sept. of last year. She has became a great friend to me. One of the many items was a Moda (Peas & Carrots) Charm Pack. I am just now learning about Moda and different fabrics. Anyway, I have had so much fun (don't I always have fun) making pin cushions with this charm pack she gave me. My husband says it does not take much for me to have fun and it doesn't. These pin cushions were so easy to make. I love the fabric. Thanks again, Connie! I found a great tutorial on Moda Bake Shop along with many other projects.


Alice Grace said…
How cute! You did a great job! I got a laugh out of the horse one! Good job!
Michelle said…
I LOVE your pin cushions! They are addicting, aren't they? I have recently discovered the Moda Bake Shop too. I love looking at all the neat patterns.

Thank you for sharing your eye candies!
Be blessed,
Karen said…
These are just adorable.
Amelia said…
Those pin cushions are so cute.

Enjoy the week and all that it has to offer.
Needled Mom said…
I love Moda items. The Moda Bakeshop is such a great site. always have such fun!
I've always loved that peas and carrots line. Good magazine too.
QuiltedSimple said…
Love your pincushions - very pretty! I've been a pincushion fanatic lateley....
Junie Moon said…
What pretty pincushions and I love your philosophy about making things, pretty much echoes mine in that even little things make me happy.
Julie said…
What a great idea to do with the charm packs. Thanks. I will make one to show to my quilt group as we just did some demonstrations using 5 inch squares and no one showed a pin cushion. thanks. Julie
Sandy said…
Great job on the are very inspiring for me. I always want to head to the sewing machine or cutting table after reading what you have done.
Also glad to hear that you are ok after your bump to the head. I think we all will look at head bumps a little differently after the Natasha Richardson case.
I have never made a pin cushion but I just sorted my fabric. What a good idea.
Brenda said…
They are precious! Very creative girl you are!

Love, Brenda
Anonymous said…
I love the pincushions .. sooo cute!!!
You have a great talent!

Anonymous said…
I'm glad that you found a way to enjoy using the Peas & Carrots charm pack. I am a Moda fabric fan big time and most of what I buy is Moda. Very cute pincushions. Isn't the Moda Bake Shop blog just so fun and full of creative ideas.
Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness Valerie, I wondered why I hadn't been hearing from your blog. When I switched to bloglines I somehow missed putting your blog in there!! It's all fixed now and I have just gone back and read all your posts. Your grandson is adorable and growing so fast! Your baby quilt is wonderful!! I am so glad you went and had your head injury checked, you just never know how serious it could be.
Take care!
Midlife Mom said…
What great pin cushions!!! you need to have a give away so one of us lucky gals can win one! heehee!
Millie said…
Valery, your pincushions are adorable. I love to see all those charm packs turning into projects. Just beautiful.