Look What We Found In Helen Georgia

The River

Here we go down a long steep hill that our "sweet guys" found. I am there, you just can't see me. Someone has to be the brave one and take pictures!

Best Friends Forever!
We must be feeling frisky today!
We are just strolling down this steep trail.

Look Randy found the fish!

Vicki found the fish too!

And Me Too!

Eddie caught some too but I failed to get a picture of him with a fish!
He actually had 4 following his line in when I took this picture.
I think they found the honey hole!

Then Vicki saw something.......
But we were big girls..........
It is scary!

A Snake!!!!
Eddie followed it around and got the best pictures! I hate snakes!

And we also saw this............

It is so pretty isn't it?

We had the best day ever yesterday on our little vacation in Helen, Ga.
Our guys wanted to take us fishing again. On Tuesday we weren't gone long at all but yesterday we had so much fun we fished most of the day. It's fun when you catch some fish! Vacation is coming to an end...................so sad!


Anonymous said…
I don't think I would have wanted to run into that snake, it looks big. And scary. Ewewww
Alice Grace said…
Looks so relaxing and fun, until I got to the snake! Scary!
I am so glad you all had a good restful vacation, but I have to say I am so glad you are back home! I have missed you!
Anonymous said…
What a lovely spot to fish. Scary snake but I LOVE the butterfly. So glad you had a restful, enjoyable week with friends. Happy Mother's Day.
Marydon said…
Ewwwwwwww! I'm outta there!!! It does look like you had a peaceful & pleasurable trip tho. Gorgeous beautiful butterfly. Have a beautiful weekend ~ TTFN ~ Marydon
Millie said…
Look so relaxing...the river and trees.
Happy Mothers Day to you and your mother! Hope you will have a great weekend.
Needled Mom said…
Fish I can take but snakes give me the heebie-jeebies. YUK!
Darla said…
Nice post until I came to the snake! You guys have no idea how fast I can scroll!!
Karen said…
Hi Valerie....I love fishing and your setting was just beautiful...snakes and all!
*karendianne. said…
Not all snakes are dangerous and this one looks safe. :)
Cindy said…
What a great vacation getaway, even the snake looked relaxed :)
Great blog and great fishing.