Sewing With My Featherweight On Vacation

You are not seeing double! These are the 2 Singer Featherweights that I just purchased.
I bought one for my Mom for Mothers Day and one for me!
Thank you Connie for helping me learn a little more about these little machines before I made the plunge and purchased these.
While enjoying a vacation in Helen, Ga. this week I am also enjoying getting to sew. This is my little set up in the dining room at our condo. I look right at home don't I?
I made this yesterday afternoon while the others were resting.
This is the last star block of a quilt I am making from Amanda Jeans
Star Quilt along that I started a while back.

I just love my little featherweight! I hope my Mom loves hers! She got it today!

I started the setting blocks tonight for the star quilt. These are the strips before cutting into blocks.

Here I am cutting 48 of these. It was so fun!

I have 4 setting blocks finished so far tonight.

Our sweet honey's went turkey hunting this afternoon. Vicki stayed at her condo and rested and just enjoyed her day. I worked on my quilt and had a ball! Later on, I went to visit her and she showed me a purse that she is going to try to work on this week. She started it a while back and wants to finish it. Hopefully I will get some pictures of her progress. It is going to be so pretty. She came to visit me and see what all I had been doing. She loved my blocks and was proud of me for doing it. We love to be together but we also love our "me time." Once the guys came in, we got ready and went and had supper at a place we go to every year. By the time we were through eating it was raining so hard so we both went to our condos to enjoy our night. Normally we play canasta but we haven't got to that yet. It doesn't take a lot for us to be happy. Can you tell? We are having a wonderful, restful, & peaceful vacation.


Anonymous said…
I love the Featherweight and the quilt you are working on. You look and sound like you are enjoying your crafts so much on this rainy day! I hope your Mother loves her machine too. I am curious what you all had to eat tonight - anything German?
Karen said…
Where did you get your featherweights?? They look to be in beautiful shape.
Joy said…
Congratulations on buying a Featherweight!! I have one too, her name is "Hester" and I just love her!!! And so handy to take to quilting :o).
Joy :o)
Alice Grace said…
I know you are having a great time! I love my little Featherweight you got for me for Mother's day! I have never used one, and am anxious to get started on it. Thank you so much!
Darla said…
The simple pleasures in life!
QuiltedSimple said…
Sounds like you are having a terrific vacation! Love your setting blocks - the colors are so great together.
Needled Mom said…
I love my little Featherweight too. My DIL's father moved last year and brought a little "toy" sewing machine up for my granddaughter. My DIL was going to sell it at a garage sale and asked me how much I thought she should ask for it. It was a 221 in perfect condition with all the attachments. She was so surprised at their value and ended up keeping it. DUH!!!! I should have told her that I would give her $20 for it. Ha! Actually she offered it to me for free, but I thought she should hold onto it as I already have one.

I can't wait to see your finished quilt. It is going to be beautiful. Enjoy your sewing.
PEA said…
Isn't it wonderful how technology now makes it easy to be able to continue doing what we enjoy, even while on vacation:-) I bought a laptop a couple months back and I just love bringing it with me when I go away!! That Featherweight sewing machine looks fascinating and look at all the squares you've done with it already:-) Continue enjoying your time!! xoxo
Great pictures. Love your blog.
Anonymous said…
Your vacay sounds like the perfect kind that I love the most with some "me" time for just hanging out. Love that Featherweight...they are just too cute, aren't they. I enjoy sewing on mine too but I still do more sewing on the Bernina...I just use both. :) Enjoy your time away!
So glad that you were able to take your little Featherweight on vacation. They are just such handy little machines with lots of sewing power. Hope you have a wonderful time.
Brenda said…
How precious these machines are! I know you are having so much fun! What a beautiful life you have! You deserve it! I love you, Sister!
Thanks for sharing the photos of the featherweights. Mine is in the shop and I am missing it mightily. The quilt is wondeful that you are working on.