Some Of My Flowers

Clamatis growing on a little fence.
They are really blooming good this year.
More Clamatis climbing up a pole with a dinner bell at the top.
This is showing what I see while looking off of one side of my deck.
There are so many different plants in this garden that I could not get them all in this picture.
Azaleas that surround a weeping cherry tree.
Beautiful Roses

This is a rock garden with different roses
and day lillies and much more in it.

This is another view of side of the rock garden.

My first Easter Lily bloom this year.
I hope you enjoyed my little tour.


Anonymous said…
How pretty everything looks in your garden. The roses are very pretty and I think your clematis is loving all the rain we've had! Growing up, our neighbor had a dinner bell like yours. Thanks for the tour and the memories.
Alice Grace said…
Lovely! Your yard is always so beautiful!
Faye said…
Oh Valerie,everything looks so beautiful.Tomorrow is the day I go back to the doctor.Please keep me in your prayers.The C word id just so scary.I know God will be with me all the way!Have a great day! Blessings , Faye
Anonymous said…
They are so beautiful. Your love of gardening shows in the way you take care of them. Think you could come up and do my garden? It really is a mess this year and needs you. ;D
Amelia said…
Loved the pictures of the flowers. So many of the bloggers have been showing pictures of their many flowers that I have this was not one of them...until yesterday...looked several places and finally found a garden shop that sold them. Guess I am trying to keep up with the "Joneses" as the old saying goes. Not really, just trying to get more flowers that come back each year...and less work for me.

Have a gret week.
Darla said…
Valerie, I am so glad you posted your flowers. I enlarged them and everything, grass included is greening up so nice. I LOVE the clematis on the fence, so many blooms!!
Lisa said…
Your flowers are beautiful. I just love my flower gardens... so relaxing to go outside and see all the pretty colors.
Beautiful flowers! It looks like you have Knock Out Roses in your garden. We saw so many blooming on our trip to GA. They were so abundant. Our azaleas have been gone for a while, but they always make such a pretty show. Thanks for the tour!

Karen said…
Wonderful flowers....thanks for sharing.
Julie said…
I was just thinking the other day how drab the world would be without all the beautiful flowers that we enjoy--thanks for sharing. Julie
Linda said…
Valerie What a lovely family you have. Your yard is just superb.
Feedsack Fantasy said…
Such a lovely garden ... my clematis are dragging heels to bloom. Enjoy visiting with you & your pics are wonderful ... makes me feel as if I was there. TTFN ~Marydon
Brenda Sue said…
So very beautiful!