Surprise From New York

Here she is all ready for bed, dressed in a beautiful gown and bath robe.

How could you not LOVE this face!

She is a little embarrassed that I am lifing her gown but
I just had to show you her pink panties and her heart!

Look at her little pink shoes and white socks and look at that hair!

You saw my first "Annie" in my last post. Well, she decided to go to New York and go shopping! She is stopping by to visit a friend too! She is visiting with Sherry! In the meantime, I had an "Annie" visit me from New York. I wonder what she thinks of Georgia! I wonder if she will like fishing! I joined a swap over at Aunt Pitty Pats blog. She selected partners for us. She picked Sherry for my partner. She was a partner.......... Now she is a friend. Go visit her blog to see more pictures of our Annie Dolls! We both have had so much fun. It was her first Annie too. She did a wonderful job. I love the doll she sent me and she loves the doll that I sent her. I have really enjoyed getting to know her and hope to continue this friendship. I love to make friends! I have always said to keep a friend you have to nourish your friendship. Sometimes life gets in the way. Everyone gets too busy. But this blogging thing has brought a new level to making friends. Everyone is so excited and so giving. I love it! We are all really kids at heart! My grandchildren and I are going to make her a bed since she is dressed in her gown. Thank you Sherry! I will cherish her always.
Looking forward to many more visits with you!


Anonymous said…
That is the sweetest little face and oh how I love the hair rollers and bath robe!!! Thank you for sharing such a fun swap with all of us.
Anonymous said…
I love the doll and her bedtime theme. She's the first Annie I remember with blonde hair too. So so so cute!
Allie said…
She is so sweet! That hair is GREAT! And the little pink panties, and robe and gown - she's too cute!
Feedsack Fantasy said…
Adorable! Love those pink undies!!
TTFN ~ Marydon
Alice Grace said…
Oh and she came to visit me yesterday with Valerie! I thought she was the cutest thing! It makes me want to make one!
Congratulations on the swap! You both lucked out!
What an absolute darling!!! I have never heard of the Annie swap, but it sounds like a really fun thing to do.
She's adorable. Such a sweetie. Makes you want to hug her and I am sure you do.
Darla said…
What a precious surprise!
Midlife Mom said…
That is just so darned cute!!! Just love the heart and the little pink 'under grundies' as my grandkids say! Got to go over and check out the rest of them now! Thanks for showing her to us!!!
PEA said…
Omigosh, such a darling Annie doll and it's no wonder you're so thrilled with her:-) Also love the one you made, no doubt your swap partner will love her as well!! xoxo
Jacquelynne said…
That looks like it must be a ton of fun to make! She is really cute!
Brenda Sue said…
Both of those dolls are adorable! Isn't it nice to make new friends! Keep up the good work - you inspire us all!