We remodel homes and resell them as a side job. When we get them they are in really rough condition and we go in and fix them up like a doll house. We actually have a lot of fun doing this together even though it is very hard work.
We had to foreclose on this little house. It was not a sad story like someone losing their job. It was just a lazy person that would not work. Of course we found that out several months later after they would not pay. The house was trashed once they moved out. They even left the washer & dryer.

You can see the piles of trash we got out of the house. Those bags are just the start of many.
We had 2 friends that helped us clean up the yard and house. They were great. We could not have done it without them.

This is what we did with their stuff that was left. We put it on the side of the road and put free signs up. It didn't take too long before someone picked the stuff up.

I guess they just leave what they don't want. We were lucky because there wasn't too much actual damage. The hardwood floors that we refinished had 1 big scratch on them but I think I can fix that. The vinyl floor in the kitchen was tore where the washer and dryer were. Oh and I forgot to tell you the most amazing thing. When we sold them the house it had a brand new refrigerator and stove in it. When the house was turned back over into our names my husband discovered that the appliances were gone. He talked to the neighbors and found out the people had sold our stove & refrigerator!!! What nerve! Anyway, luckily we found out who he sold it to and we had to buy it back. He sold 1500.00 worth of appliances for 150.00!!! But the guy was very nice that had bought them and had no idea that it was stolen property and let us buy it back for the 150.00. That was a blessing. We have worked so hard this weekend trying to get this house back in the shape it needed to be and we did it! It really got me thinking about integrity and what it means. I just could not imagine living with myself if I did something like this. I understand hard luck stories especially with the economy like it is. There are some really sad situations but this one was not that way.


Alice Grace said…
Wow, I am amazed that you got it cleaned up that fast! I can't believe people can live with themselves after being so dishonest and selfish! Love the definition of integrity!
Anonymous said…
Really troubling that some people can be that mean. Hope you all can rest well after working so hard.
Allie said…
Unfortunately, this seems to be common behavior anymore. I don't understand how people can sleep at night. I can't believe you got it fixed up so fast!
I tell my boys all the time - good character is how you act and who you are when nobody's watching.
Amelia said…
The nerve of some people - and to think they are probably teaching their children this way of life.

Integrity is an on going characteristic - a continual growth.

So enjoyed how you wrote out your definition of integrity.
Some people don't deserve having a nice place. They have no idea how to care for it, have no regard for good living. It's very sad in a way. But, it happens all the time. I am glad you had help cleaning it up again. Friends are just the best.
My Texas aunt is very enterprising as you guys are. It is wonderful seeing old rundown houses being turned into homes.
How disappointing that someone did not learn the philosophy of "leaving with things in better shape than when you arrived".
So glad you have a crew of friends to help reclaim the house for a more deserving family.
Needled Mom said…
Thankfully it was in pretty decent shape when you got it back. My folks had a tennant who was ticked at being evicted and totally trashed the place. They filled the toilets and then flushed and overflowed them onto the floors and carpets, turned on bathtub water and let it run until it overflowed and ran down all the walls to the first story, removed all the interior doors and fixtures and I can't begin to remember all the rest. Oh....parked motorcylcles in the living room too. The place had to be gutted down to the studs. It seems to be more common nowadays.

I'm glad you were able to get the appliances back so cheap.
Wow Valerie, what a shame. Hope you can get the house back in good shape. Thanks for the "integrity" lesson :-)
Yesterday while I was at work a little boy turned in a one dollar bill that he found on the floor. I kept it in the money box for a few minutes but right before he left I gave it back to him. His little face lit up and it was such a nice reward for a little bit of integrity and honesty. That one was a keeper.