Walmart & Cooking On Vacation

When we first got here in Panama City, Fla. we unpacked and then the guys took the kids to the beach. Me & my daughter Shannon went to Walmart. What a mistake! Look at this crowd. I took this picture while we were standing in line. I looked one way and saw this and the next picture shows the other side. These pictures do not do it justice. I have never saw so many people in my life.
We had a list and went through getting only the things we needed because we didn't want to come back any this week. It should have took us an hour but this trip took us about 4 hours. It was rediculous. There is no recession here. We are not planning on cooking much here but we got enough to get us by. We stood in line one hour and a half. I was sick of Walmart.

Today we decided to cook breakfast for lunch. Everyone pitched in even the teenagers!
Triston cooked the eggs & sausage while Haley made the patties. I cooked the homemade biscuits & gravy. Shannon cut up the potatoes to be fried & sliced fresh tomatoes while Alyssa set the table and fixed drinks.

It was so good but we don't plan on cooking too many big meals like this.

It sure was nice for everyone to pitch in and help.
We have decided that vacation is not for Walmart or too much cooking!
I have to say it was a lot of fun having all the girls working together.
Hey, I just noticed something.....Where were the guys?
Oh I see them.......over there watching t.v........imagine that?
Save Money.
Live Better.
This is Walmarts slogan. I am sure you have heard it. Our 9 year old Granddaughter Alyssa says this all the time just like the commercial. After our experience at Walmart here at the beach, I just don't believe saving that money was worth it. I wish we had waited and went and found a little hometown grocery store. It was a lesson well learned.


Oh my gosh, I believe it! That is how my Walmart gets at a certain time of the day. I've learned to stay away when it's a zoo. I usually try to do my shopping anytime before 2:00pm otherwise, I am stuck.
The food looks delicious. Keep enjoying the fun!
lani said…
Wow I have never seen so many people in a wally mart ...but beyond that I want some of the lunch yummies
OMG that shopping is a is great cooking with the kids..........
G'G'ma said…
Yum, your food looks delicious. I think I can even smell those biscuits just out of the oven!!!

I do not like crowds and would probably have left the store. The store where we shop is almost never crowded but that gives us great concern that they will go out of business! We also shop Sam's but never on the week end.

Your vacation sounds wonderful.
handmaiden said…
Valerie, reminds me of going to Ikea, but good to see u r enjoying yr vacation
Anonymous said…
That's terrible to spend that much time in line - the breakfast looks scumptious though. Hope you ALL are having a great time.
Alice Grace said…
You crack me up, showing the men watching tv while all the ladies and young ladies are doing the cooking! But it all does look good, except the shopping part! I know you are all having a great time spending time together. It sounds wonderful!
Darla said…
That's exactly why I do not care for Panama City capture it well. Looks like the inside of your condo is great though.
Anonymous said…
Waiting that length of time to pay in a WalMart line would just about push me over the edge, I don't like lines at all. I don't know how you made it. I hope the rest of the vacation is nothing like that experience.
Rhonda in OK said…
wow - that looks like Christmas eve or black Friday lines!

your breakfast looks really yummy though

hope you all have a very fun vacation - and stay out of those big box stores!
Oh Wow, I have heard about Walmart backing up at the checkout. Thankfully we don't seem to have that problem in our area of Florida. Hope you have a wonderful vacation.
Needled Mom said…
The girls look like they are all having such a great time together and everything sounds yummy.

I'm glad our WM doesn't look like that!!!
andsewon said…
Oh my word!!!!My DH would have never got in line.. Ha!!
Love breakfast for dinner or supper.
Those biscuits look yummy !!!!
Yes enjoy time OUT of the kitchen!!!
Oh you poor things. I am not a walmart fan anyway and I'm sure you have more than second thoughts about that place now. I can't believe the nightmare you two went through. Enjoy the rest of the week.
Brenda Sue said…
You two certainly "worked" for your food! Now it's time for vacation!! Enjoy putting your feet in the sand and waves! I have found that those nearby fruit stands are fun, you know, watermelon, cantaloupe, salad! Then grab some meat for the grill and make the tv watchers grill! I know you are having fun. I wish we could be there with you all! Love, Brenda
Mandy said…
It looks weird without us there...we miss you all and I know that I will wish y'all were on our vacation with us too. I hate that you are going to miss Davis' first beach trip :(

Love & miss
Anonymous said…
Those biscuits are beautiful! Would you share your recipe?
What wonderful memories you've created on your vacation - minus the WalMart line. UGH! I hate being forced to waste my time while spending my money.
I love your observation - who's cooking, who's watching TV? - my kind of family:-)
Allie said…
Oh how I hate Walmart - makes me feel like a tiny cog in a giant Chinese wheel. Lunch looks yummy - enjoy yourselves!
Anonymous said…
Hi Aunt Valerie!!
It looks like you guys are having the best time!!!! I just cracked up when I was reading the part about the man and the cigar!! How funny and I can just see you car full...cracking up!!!

I am sooo glad you are all having a great time and great weather!!
I love and miss you all!!!
:) Baby Sanna