Brother Was Wrong!

Pictures are out of order but this shows a special daddy/Son moment.
Isn't this sweet?
This is after his surgery.
Today was the day for Brother's surgery to see what he had in his ear.
He was a brave little boy.
Since the steroid shot Brother has not been in pain and
was convinced that whatever it was had fell out.
He could not eat or drink after midnight last night and his surgery was at 12:30 so he was showing us how hungry he was. He sucked his stomach in to show how empty it was!

The nurses had him practice blowing into this mask and
told him to pretend he was blowing up a balloon.
Here he is after surgery still asleep.
He looks so little. He is 6 years old.
Sweet Dreams
Mommy giving him some gatorade after surgery.
She is telling him that the doctor found a bead (like off a necklace) in his ear.
They said that there are so many things in the ocean
and that the pressure from the waves just pushes things
in peoples ears.
Brother waking up from surgery.
Brother was wrong. The doctor was right.
Mommy, Daddy & Brother leaving after his surgery.
They took him to the Waffle House to eat so his stomach would not be skinny anymore.
He is doing great.

Here we are with him telling him how much we love him.
Well, actually Paw Paw was asking him if he was ready to fight.
They wrestle all the time.
Notice the doggie pajamas?
I made them for him last year and he wears them all the time.
Thank you all for the prayers for Brother.


Anonymous said…
Nice to see him in that last photo with such a big smile on his face. Thankful that they were able to get that bead and that all is well.
Needled Mom said…
I am so glad that all turned out so well for him, Val. That is such wonderful news and it is great to see the happy face afterwards.
Allie said…
Oh my! Was it a pearl? I had no idea that this happens a lot, but it sure makes sense. I guess ear plugs would be a good idea! I'm so glad to see him smiling in that last couple of pictures!
Brenda said…
What a brave little guy! We are so proud of him! Love, Brenda
So glad to hear that all went well for Brother.
Julie said…
So glad it went okay. Who would have ever thought that that could happen? I'm sure he's ready to play and that smile says it all!! julie
Karens Hopes said…
Oh bless him I'm glad he's ok.
You all look much happier now.
Alice Grace said…
He is one brave little guy! It is so good to know that he is back to normal!
Darla said…
So glad to read that Brother is doing well and that his parents filled up his skinny tummy. What a cutie! I see Brother's Daddy has a shiner..
lindsey said…
Glad all went well, that is amazing that things can float into ears when we are swimming in the sea!
PEA said…
Hello dear Valerie:-)

I've just now been able to catch up on your latest post...I hadn't realized I had missed so many! First of all, I'm so glad to hear that the surgery went well for your grandson...imagine having a bead in his ear from being in the ocean!! Maybe he'll have to start wearing plugs in his ears when he goes there now, just to be on the safe side.

I so enjoyed reading about your trip to Panama City Beach and seeing the beautiful pictures. Sounds like you all had a fun time and I'm sure it was hard having to leave:-)

Wishing you a terrific weekend my friend. xoxo
Carliea said…
I am thankful that he came through just fine. My sister had put a foil wrapper off of some candy in her ear when we were little. She complained for a long time with it and my mom couldn't see anything there,finally it worked it's way out. I am glad he didn't have to wait.
It's great to see Brother is up and about. Poor little guy...that was a skinny stomach. lol I'll bet he ate a lot at the Waffle House.
Glad to see everything went smoothly. :-)
Karen said…
So good to see Brother is doing good.
Wow, how strange to have something like that go into ones ear from the water.
Just glad it wasn't serious.
Betsy said…
Valerie~ I don't know how you found my blog, but I'm so glad you did! You have a wonderful blog here...I'm joining so I can come back often! So glad that cutie of a grandson is alright....I know it wasn't serious, but I can still see a little anxiousness on the adult faces! :)...that is until it is all over! ha-ha!
Millie said…
Nice to see Brother up with a huge smile on his face! He is such a sweet and cute little boy.
G'G'ma said…
So happy to see that your grandson's surgery went well. Hmm, a bead...isn't that a story for him to tell when he goes back to school?
Sherry said…
Oh, poor baby! I'm so glad everything went well. They always look so little when they're in the hospital.

I'm glad he got to eat and I'm sure pj's made by grandma helped him to feel better too!