Sorry it has been a few days. Mom is doing really good.
She is still in Rehab but is scheduled to be leaving there
and coming to my house for a couple of weeks on Saturday!
She is so excited! I am too!
She has really done amazing with what all she has went through!
She showed me how she can stand alone in this picture but she is not suppose to be
doing that yet.  Home health care will send someone out to do rehab here at my house.
They will also check her vitals and blood work.  She has not seen my house except on my blog
since we moved in. Thank you for all the prayers. Please keep praying for her.
I also have an unspoken request.
Please help me pray.



So glad your Mom is doing well. you girls have fun with a new house.
Becky Garrison said…
Still praying Val, and hope things are okay. Give your Mom a hug for me! Becky
lisa said…
I am thrilled to hear that...Home health care is outstanding... When I had cancer and had the pick line for antibiotics from a bacteria blood infection and I had a ProCare Home Health Care come to change the connections and draw blood once a week...They were great... I am still praying for recovery and sounds God is taking great care of her...Lisa...
Susannah said…
What a wonderful picture! She is looking so good!!! This is great news. My prayers are being said everyay for Alice. You be sure to tell her for me, will you?

Angela said…
Valarie, so glad to hear the good news. Your Mom looks great. So proud she will be going to your house. You will cherish the time together I promise. Take care and keep us updated.
Patty Sumner said…
Glad she is doing well. Praying! Blessings!
Anonymous said…
Praise the LORD for your mother!
You always have my prayers! ♥♥♥
Sarah Beth said…
So glad your mom is doing better. I will keep praying:-)
Mama Pea said…
I know you mom will recover so much faster being at your home with you. Keeping you and yours in my thoughts and prayers.
Needled Mom said…
She looks great. Give her a big gentle hug from me.
Marie said…
Oh my , your mom looiks great!! prayers are answered. we will continue to lift her up and your unspoken request too. We have used Home Health Cacre with much success. I know you will also take good care of her. Can't wait to see more pictures of your new home. Hugs, Marie
This is such great news Val. I hope every thing is going well.
annie said…
so happy things have gone well, prayers!
Shauna said…
Val, your mom looks great for all she has been through. I'm sure you are glad that she on this side of things. Will continue to pray for a speedy healing for her. Praying also for your unspoken prayer request. Hugs to both you and your mom.