5 Boxes Found

Since we moved I knew some of my things were missing.
My MIL's stuff was in our garage and we moved her in to her new condo
this weekend. Well, guess what? When we were unpacking boxes at
her condo, we found 5 boxes of precious things!
This is something that my best friend, Vicki G. made me in 1985!
Would not take anything for this!

This is a pillow that I ordered from my blogging friend,
Karen a couple of years ago!
Love it!

This was our cookie jar as we grew up!
Precious Memories.
Mom gave this to me many years ago.

This was my Grandma Cochran's (my Mom's Mother) cookie jar!
She always had Nilla Vanilla Wafers in it!
We always got one when we went there.

This is a book that my friend, Rachelle S. gave to me
at a time in my life that I needed encouragement.
Inside there is a sweet note to me and my son.

This is the only quilt that I have that I made in a quilting class.
I'm so glad I found it.
Me and Mom took this class together!

This is a special quilt and pillow!
My oldest granddaughter, Triston made this especially for me!
Granny would be so proud!
She is 17 years old now but was probably 15 when she made this!

This old computer is the first laptop that I ever had.
My "sweet hunter" bought this for me.
He knows nothing about computers and he bought this one all
by himself!
(well, kind of...I think he consulted with my Mom!)

This tote bag was given to me by my
daughter, Maranda!
I've always loved this!
It has pictures of all of us except my 2 youngest grandsons!
I have got to update my pictures!
These are just a few of the things that I could not find and knew
I had. I'm so glad that we found them!
Our garage is now cleaned out and Grandmother (My MIL)
is all moved in her condo! She is so happy which makes us very happy!
I'm not much on saving stuff! I hate clutter.
But there are some things that are just extra special.
These are just a few of those special things that were lost and now are found!
HEY! That reminds me of a song! lol
Imagine that!
So thankful for Amazing Grace!



Michelle said…
Fun, fun memories!
Becky Garrison said…
I love those old memories that get sweeter as the days go by ... hmmm, sounds like another old hymn! :)
Anonymous said…
So happy you found your missing precious memories!!! LOVE the cookie jars!!! ♥♥♥
I'm so happy for you that you found your wonderful box of treasures! Such great memories! (And remembering without the treasures just isn't the same!)
Susannah said…
So MIL moved into a condo. That will be so nice for her. I imagine she is very happy. Isn't it amazing the items that spark our memories and we can not part with them? I have many things that I just can not get rid of....much tooooo precious!

Blessings and prayers,
Pen Pen said…
Isn't it fun to find old goodies. I love to go up in the attic from time to time and ramble around for old things that make me smile. (as I get older, going up there gets more difficult, so those oldies are even more precious now)
Anonymous said…
Omg! I didn't know you still had that! So glad you kept it because it was one of the first things I cross stitched. The "alto singer,(you) and the "goose" (me) when we used to make a joyful noise together in my kitchen 30 yrs. ago...at least we thought we were. Ha! Love those memories of us! Love you!! Vicki
Jeannie B. said…
I am amazed at the intact Cookie Jars!!
Anonymous said…
I felt like that every time we went to storage to pick up more stuff. We had everything there until we settled in our new home. It was like Christmas each time. So glad you found your precious items.

blessings, jill