Granny And The Quilt

Revisiting Granny.  This post was from May 15, 2009.
I went to visit Granny and she told me to go into the bedroom and get the quilt on top of the stack and look at it. She said she just finished it. She said, "I don't like it." I asked her why and she said everyone likes it but she doesn't. She wanted my opinion and I told her that I loved it. She said she doesn't want to see it again. She says she can't stand it. She said it was so ugly! It actually was very pretty. I have never saw her like that about a quilt.
She said she could not wait to get this one started. She said she loves the colors in it. She had just started this one right before I came. I love it too, but I didn't see anything wrong with the other one.

Granny was talking about the garden that my daddy is planting for her and she showed me her food in her freezer. Isn't it so neat? I can't even see in my freezer.

If you read my blog about Granny then
you know that today was her wash day!
I asked her one time if she washed on any other day and she said only on Fridays.

As I was leaving I noticed this sweet little red hat hanging on the porch. I guess this is what she used when working in the garden when she was able. I just thought it was precious.


Susannah said…
She was a very sweet lady. Her family loved her so much.
Rhonda said…
Hi Val, love your Granny posts. I miss our grandmothers.
Needled Mom said…
It's always fun to revisit Granny.
Sherry said…
I think of your Granny often. If she only knew how many people she inspired!
Allie said…
Oh I just love your Granny posts, Val, I do miss her too! What a precious woman!
Phyllis said…
Love your granny posts. Reminds me of my grandmother.
Phyllis said…
Love your granny posts. Reminds me of my grandmother.