More Of Helen Ga.

This is just a little part of the town of Helen, Ga.

I love this little bridge!

This is a quilt store.

Loved this bed.

Isn't that the truth?

This is a Christmas store that is open all year long!

This is outside another Christmas store that I used to love!
But it is closed now!
Wonder if they would give me this Santa?

This is a bench made from a telephone pole!
I LOVE it!

Love this old house!
I think the sign says 9 acres/600,000.00!
It is right in town!

I could not help myself!!
She is so cute!!!
I asked the couple if I could take a picture
and the dad said, you would not believe how many people ask that!
He was a proud Dad!
Just a few more pictures of Helen, Ga.
If you haven't been here you should visit.
It is really a neat little place!


Angela said…
All these photos make me want to visit the little town again. It has been years since I have been. Might just be a good trip for me and my girls. Got away to Smokies for a 3 day getaway with the mister on Sunday. Thought of you when we passed by your exit. Have a good week.
grandmarockton said…
I visited once but would LOVE to go back
Susannah said…
Sounds like a great little get-away.