Missing In Action


Just wanted to pop in and tell you everything is good. Just been busy. I guess I have switched from blogging to facebook! Its quick. I can do it from my Iphone! Anyway, hope you are all well.  If you are on facebook...look me up. Valerie Beth Shoates  If you are not, you can always email me at vshoates@yahoo.com! This time of year makes me always think of Granny making her Apple butter. 


Karen said…
Hi Val,
Nice to see you here...now this may sound awful but the statement 'quick' on FB - oh my goodness it's so impersonal and we get no 'information' from a quick "good morning, see ya"....I hope you come back and join on blogger again soon.
There's so much more to a person than a quick 'hello' - won't ya come back.
Karen said…
Me again...I have to clear up what I meant, FB is fine and good for those that do it...but I didn't mean to be 'mean' about it Val...what I meant is that there's not much information in a short phrase or a single word...we'd love to hear more of what's happening in your world.
Mama Pea said…
It seems more people are giving up blogging in favor of Facebook. I can understand that it's easier and quicker, but there are still dinosaurs like me who don't do Facebook. I miss your blog posts. :o(
Val said…
Oh I understand. But when I had to start paying for pictures it kind of turned me off. I will probably be back!!! Thanks for missing me!
Jan said…
I think I spent too much time looking at FB, though I did not play any games. However I have found it discouraging that I see that people have viewed, but do not bother 'liking' or commenting on our personal entries, yet there are so many likes on the impersonal posts.
I am enjoying being back blogging, and hope I can come up with topics worth posting to keep going.

Val, what is that about paying for pictures, please?

Love and Blessings.
Hi Val,
No, no facebook for me. I'm still blogging away. I do use Instagram, and am keeping up with some other quilters that way. Just glad to see you post every once in a while.
Marie said…
Happy New Year Val, I hope that it will be a good one. Sending many blessings to you and yours.
Hugs, Marie