Snow Day

This is a few pictures of our big snow that shut the whole south down!
This is actually the second day!
It had already started melting!

Our poor little fire pit has been waiting
for months for us to build a fire in it!

"Sweet Hunter & I have really enjoyed
these lazy cold days at home!
We sure needed it!

Looking forward to springtime!
We ended this snow day with Brunswick stew and yeast rolls!

A friend of ours is an expert Cheese cake maker!
I froze a couple of pieces and it sure came at a great time!


Who can find a virtuous woman?
 for her price is far above rubies.
Proverbs 31:10


Maybe your snow will stay as long as ours. . . 3 weeks and counting. Of course more is forecasted for the weekend!
Holly said…
Glad you have had some time to relax and enjoy your days. Another snow day for us tomorrow!
Michelle said…
You know your 'big snowstorm' is hilarious to us Midwesterners,don't you? Between tomorrow and Saturday afternoon, we are looking at an additional 6 inches of snow. We are ready for spring too!
martha said…
Wow, I can't believe all that snow actually fell in the south! Welcome back to blogging, Val. I need to come back myself, but can't seem to find the ambition right now. After seeing your blog and its new look, maybe I'll revamp mine too. :-)
Anonymous said…
Come on Spring! I see us in that swing as the fire is blazing in the fire pit eating cheesecake! Oh yeah! Glad your are blogging again. Love you! Vicki lou