For Such A Time As This......

I just realized that I haven't shared our latest news to blogland!

About a year and a half ago we purchased a home in the city.

We completely remodeled it and it is beautiful.

The funny thing was that we never ever imagined living in the city and
on top of that "Sweet Hunter's" brother lived about 7 or 8 houses down.

We had a lot of good times putting our suppers together.
It was wonderful.

We loved our home so much but had no idea we would ever move to the city!

This shower was probably the best thing about the house!

Little did we know that the Lord had a plan way beyond what we knew.

Sweet Hunters mom had heart problems and ended up staying with us when she was so bad.
We were so very thankful to live on that very street at that very time because
"Sweet Hunter's" Brother and his wife were there to help us along with our family and friends. She went home to be with the Lord right after Christmas.
A few months later.......
We decided that our time in that house was over as much as we loved it.
For such a time is this..........
We decided to sell.
We put our for sale sign up on a Tuesday and sold the house
on the following Sunday.

We had 7 different families look at our home and
2 that were ready to make an offer, but the Lord
had another plan. Right down the road from us,
were some people that had just sold their house without
even putting a sign up. They asked could they look at ours.
They came down and we connected with them right away.
They bought our home. We were amazed that they lived 3 doors down
and didn't want to leave that street. They also wanted to downsize.
We just fell in love with this Christian couple.
We all four are amazed how this was a "God Thing".
No doubt.

All of us truly believe that the Lord was in charge of this
all along. We have moved. They have moved in.
We are all very excited and know that the Lord is truly in charge of
our lives. We are in the process of buying a home and are beyond excited!
More news coming........ Lots more blogging!
Now we are going to turn the page on this chapter of our lives.
For such a time as this...............

Thank you Lord for seeing way beyond what we could see!!!


Michelle said…
I'm excited to see what the future brings. I loved the house you just sold. Absolutely beautiful.
Holly said…
Sweet story. Isn't it great how the Lord just puts the right people in your life at just the right time? We are talking about putting our house up for sale. I am scared and excited all at the same time. Hoping ours works out well like yours!
Anonymous said…
Praise the LORD! I just prayed with my DIL this evening. They needddddd their home to sell within the month~ Please pray also for this. I also reminded her the LORD has all this in His hands, but he does want us to ask! hugs~
Barbara Akins said…
Oh my gosh such a wonderful story.God had a plan even before ya'll decided to sale.I can't wait to see what God has in store for your blog.
Barbara Akins said…
Oh my gosh such a wonderful story.God had a plan even before ya'll decided to sale.I can't wait to see what God has in store for your blog.
Susannah said…
The Lord does have a plan for each one of us! I am so happy for you that things are working out perfectly. Can't wait to hear more!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
I love the way you take so many risk and they all pay off. God Bless you. I need to learn from you and do the same.
Glad the Lord is leading you to your next chapter in life.
Not sure if you've caught my new email address but here it is:
Take care,