The Cluttered Farmhouse

If you read my last post you all know we have bought an old farmhouse.
It was built in 1887 and the people we bought it from left so much stuff.
We found this out in one of the old buildings.
Isn't it a beauty?
I cannot tell you how many old sewing machines we have found!
The people we bought it from only took what they wanted and left the rest.
That was part of our deal.

These were some quilts that they left me that his mother had made.
There are many quilt tops in here that I hope to take and finish one day!

His Mother loved to collect things.
This must have been her bell collection.

We are still finding windows even when we tear down a wall there will be
a window in the original outside walls.

Dishes and more dishes.
I have never seen so many old dishes in my life.
She loved to collect depression glass, Avon bottles and dolls......
Dolls....Oh my! I have never seen so many dolls either.
I will show you some pictures in another post.

Look what all we found in the old buildings!
Food. Canned food. Probably from years ago.
Peaches, green beans, potatoes, jelly.
I could go on and on.

If any of you know me, you know that I am not a "stuff" person.
I don't like clutter, so its ironic that we bought a place full of stuff.
But along with the quilts, this trike is something I have really wanted for a very very long time.
My "Sweet Hunter" took it and got new tubes in the tires and made sure the brakes were good.
I couldn't believe they just left this sitting in the front yard.

This is just a few of the things that were left.
The house was full.
2 sheds were full.
60' trailer was full.
2 campers were full.
The barn was full.
We have so much to do but we are making progress.
I hope you enjoy the posts that I will be doing on the progress we are making.
"Sweet Hunter" and I LOVE this place.
Lots of work ahead but looking forward to the challenge.
We will make this "our forever home."
Clutter free.
Some of the things have been sold, some donated and some I kept or gave to loved ones.
All this "stuff" really got me to thinking about our lives.
We all have things worthy of treasuring for the rest of our lives while
other things belong in the dumpster.
Naturally & Spiritually.
Let all things be done decently and in order.
1 Corinthians 14:40


Little Penpen said…
This is sooooo exciting! What fun... your own treasure hunt! Can't wait to see some of those quilt tops all spread out. Enjoy your hunt.
Most of those sewing machines will probably sew if they can get some good drinks of oil. If you decide to clean them, water will ruin their finish, but most people find cleaning with more sewing machine oil works. If you decide not to keep them, there are quite a few people in your area who collect them, clean them, and then pass them on for another hundred years of sewing. (Not true of old canned food, however.)
Kathy said…
Ahhh, I am a "stuff" person. I enjoy flea markets and buying whatever winks at me. Lately it's been tea cups and if I'm lucky they'll have a matching saucer! Before you toss everything in the dumpster, you should get in touch with American Pickers Show. Maybe they'll come by and buy something! Sounds like you have buildings full of their kind of stuff!!
Susannah said…
My Heavens!!!!! Sounds like work...BUT lots of fun and so interesting! My whole house is filled with "old stuff" from grandparents on both sides and parents! So much fun and over the years I have learned so much. I wish you both lots of happiness in your new home!
Red Heart said…
Wow , look at all that treasure! So much history. If only the walls could talk. Looks like you're enjoying your project. Thanks for keeping us updated. :-)
Karen said…
You need to call the American Pickers!!! That is just .... something!! wink
I guess this has me thankful they went through the majority of the house/outbuildings before we bought it. you couldn't even walk into the attic or the 2nd floor above the garage.(We're the 2nd owners). But, as exhausting as this must be for you, it's a treasure hunt!.