Before and After Bathroom

I didn't get pictures of the whole bathroom BEFORE but this is part of it.
This is what it was like when we looked at the house.
I actually liked the bathroom.
What am I saying....I loved it all!!!
Anyway, it also had a blue shower/tub combination
and a blue commode.
The sellers had remodeled it in the 70's.
But we took it all out and made it ours.
Sorry about picture quality.
But this piece of furniture was sitting in the bedroom with
a huge old t.v. on it.
When "Sweet Hunter" saw this he told me not to sell it
because he knew what he wanted to do with this.
So I marked it sold.

Next thing I knew, we were at Ace Hardware
and he bought this 12.00 bucket.
He came back and told me what he wanted to do.
OH I LOVED his idea!!!!!

So here we go.....

This is the AFTER.
After Sweet Hunter done his thing. 
I found the faucet at Lowes.
But I just love our bucket as a sink.

Isn't it beautiful?

The 2 framed pieces my Sweet Mother gave those to me.
The Coke soap dispenser & the soap dish were bought at an estate sale.
I knew I had to have a claw foot tub in this house.
Sweet Hunter wanted to keep some of the old
but also bring the house up to date.
A friend heard I was looking for a claw foot tub
and just so happened her daughter was fixing to take one out of her house.
So....there we went.
And got it.
It is one of my favorite things in the house.

 Our daughter, Trouble, bought the tray with the mirror.
It was so perfect!!!!
Our niece bought the wreath on the tub.

This little old chair was here at the farm up in the shed.
The wash board & heart wreath,  the burlap stocking was here in the house.
The quilt tops were made by the sellers Mother.
I am planning on finishing those one day!
These things were here at the farm.
We found both of them up in the shed.

I LOVE this.
Our daughter, "May May" called and told me about one of her
friends selling this.
I said absolutely!!!!

Our towel racks came from Ace Hardware.
They were made by the Amish.
The old ironing board was here at the farm.
This little table was online and my Granddaughter, Tris
saw it and called me.
I ran out and got it.
I LOVE it.
That door knob laying on the table was off an old door
that we took out.
I wanted to keep something.
The tissue holder sitting on the table was from a friend.
It originally had plants in it.

This canvas was a gift from a friend.
I think she's one of the most talented people I know.
Where we love is........
home that our feet may leave,
but not our hearts.
That is soooo me!!!!

Last but not least....
The Amish made tissue holder and
another gift from my friend.
This had greenery in it but I made it to hold
So I leave you here....
in the bathroom.....
at the farm!


Little Penpen said…
I love your bathroom! The bucket sink is awesome. It is all so wonderful!
Deana said…
I was fortunate to have you give me a little tour of your home when I visited. The clawfoot tub grabbed my eye immediately when we entered your bathroom. I loved it! I love your home!
Susannah said…
I love the pail in the old dresser.......that and the claw-foot tub are so great! You can tell you have put your soul and your heart in the decorating and arranging of this whole room. whole room. Lots of work but so good in the end!!!!!!
webbsway said…
It is all beautiful. I do love your idea for the magazines.
Jocelyn said…
You and your hubby are SO creative. Love it!