Asking For Prayers

On behalf of our family......

We are asking for prayers for our granddaughter!

I found this picture of when I taught her
to make biscuits on my blog when she was little.

Anyone that has followed my blog
know her as "Sweet Angel!"

We also call her "Baby Girl!"
This is her with her sister!

But if you will call her name out to our Father!
Alyssa is very sick.
Doctors cannot find out what is wrong with her.
She can't eat without pain.
This is her with her baby cousin, Huddy.
He's more like her brother!

This is her Mom, (our daughter),
her dad and her sister and brothers!
We need anyone that will to pray.
Pray for the doctors to find whatever the problem is.
Pray for her Mom and dad and sister and brother.
Pray for us.
But most of all......
Please pray for Alyssa!


Needled Mom said…
Oh Val, I am so sorry. You know that I will be praying for a resolution. Please keep me updated. I feel like I know her personally from following your blog for so long.
webbsway said…
Val, I am So Very Sorry - I will pray with you! Sending love.
Anonymous said…
My sister and I both are praying earnestly for Alyssa and for each of you.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, So sorry Alyssa is sick. Sending my get well wishes and prayers.
Sylvia said…
Praying for Allyass, God knows all and all is in His hands! May He give the doctors wisdom and knowledge for her care!
Little Penpen said…
I have been thinking about her ever since you mentioned this on fb. I pray she will get answers and relief soon. I'm sure they've checked her gallbladder, right?
Ida said…
Prayers for answers and for healing & for comfort being said.
Jeannie B. said…
Val, I will pray with you for wisdom and relief from all her medical problems.
Rose said…
I will add her and you all to my prayers. There is so much power in prayer. She has the kindest eyes and such a sweet face.