I Have Been Tagged!

I been tagged by Darla! I noticed that the rules say share 7 random and or weird facts about yourself but I noticed that Darla posted things she loves so that is what I am going to do also. Below I have posted 7 random things I love. The rules say to tag 7 people. This is so hard to decide on 7 people because I love you all! If you would like to play, link back to my blog and let me know if you do. Of course, my family is my most cherished item, but these pictures below are things that I hold close to my heart, because they are from very special people in my life.

Dolls that my mom made!

The piano that my Mom taught me on!

The ring my Sweet Honey gave me on our
25th Wedding Anniversary

Rocking Chair that my mom rocked
her babies in.

Our Pontoon Boat

My Corvette Convertible that
my Sweet honey bought me!

Bridges of Madison County birdhouse
made just for me, by our best friend.

I love all your blogs, but here is some that I have found lately, that I enjoy and I tag them!


Thank you Darla!


Patty said…
Thanks for the mention. So glad you like to visit my blog, its always nice to have folks stop by
Alice Grace said…
I loved seeing your favorite things, and I am glad I could give you those keepsakes because I know you do love them and will care for them and pass them on someday as I have to you.
Donna said…
I was just tagged to do this, only mine was "six things". I have so many quirks, I could have gone on for an hour. ROFL!
Darla said…
Those are very good. I almost took a picture of my ring too thought that was funny, I also have dolls, bunnies and stuff my Mom made. LOVE THE CAR!!!
Anonymous said…
Enjoyed reading and seeing your favorite things!
Darla said…
You are such a wonderful sport! Come by and see what I have for ya!!
Alissa said…
Thanks so much for linking to my blog! So nice of you...!
What a lovely post, T. I'm touched by the photo of your ring and your hand. All the photos were neat! Thanks for sharing. I've been back to this post more than once.

Favorite Posts Love, *karendianne.