Me & My Little Helper

I had to keep my grandchildren today because this is the last day of their fall break. I had some other things to do today, so I just went to their house so they could sleep late. Triston (13) slept until about 10 a.m., got up, took a shower, and started reading her book. Brett (5) got up about 9 a.m. and ate his breakfast and then started watching t.v. and playing. Alyssa (8) was up when I got there early this morning. She was ready to do whatever I was doing. I am not one to sit around, so I folded some clothes and straightened up things and then decided I would cook them supper. My "sweet daughter" & her "sweet honey" both work full time and don't have a lot of time to cook at home. I went into the pantry & decided to put some pinto beans in the crock pot, along with fried okra, macaroni and cheese, deviled eggs, and cornbread for tonight. Alyssa helped me with the eggs. She did a great job. After we got all that done, we decided to look and see what else we could cook for my daughter to have later in the week.
Here is what we ended up fixing:

3 Chicken Casseroles ( 1 in the refrig., 1 in the freezer, 1 went home with me)

3 Big Bowls Chili (2 in the freezer, 1 in the refrig.)

3 Big Bowls of Homemade Soup (1 in the refrig., 1 in the freezer, 1 went home with me)

Cornbread Muffins

Now she can eat at home a few days this week and even later on when they want to thaw it out. We ate our chicken casserole tonight with a salad and it was very good, if I say so myself. I couldn't have done it all without my little helper, Alyssa. She was a great help to me.

Then I came home and worked around here, and picked my veges out of my garden. It is really slowing down now. I will miss the food out of my garden, but looking forward to a little rest. I have some fall plants that aren't ready yet though. Needless to say, I am tired!


Alice Grace said…
Wow! What a day you had! And how blessed they all are to have you! Alyssa is just a doll, and will grow up to be just like you, because she likes to stay busy. Great job today, as usual! I am so proud of you, my dear daughter!
Alyssa said…
I love it look at me and you I look candove good and bad you are the best cooker in the world the food was good and fun when I had so? so? so? so? fun.
Shannon said…
Thank you so much, mom. We did enjoy our supper. I don't think I have had a home cooked vegetable meal since......last time I was at your house. We greatly appreciate it. Yes, it helped out greatly. I have already gave baths, put up clothes, and finish homework!! This usually is completed at this time of the night. Thank you so much!! From: The whole family (especially Bryan - Ha!)
Anonymous said…
How sweet of you to go & watch the kids & have there supper ready!! You are such a wonderful person!! Just wanted to let u know that i admire all that you do!! The food looked delicious!! May god bless you & your family!! Lots of love Shannon Collins
Anonymous said…
You are such a worker and I commend you. I need to copy some of your habits and then I'd get more accomplished. Your little helper is a real sweetie.
Wow, you sound just like my dear Mom :)

I read through many of your wonderful posts :) Lovely blog here and you can certainly see how much you love your family and the Lord!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I look forward to visiting here again!
Julie said…
I want to be a Mom like you someday when I have married daughters and grandchildren. What a wonderful service you gave. Julie
Scottish Nanna said…
You had a lovely day With your Grandchildren They are special.
Hugs Mary.
To me this sounds like a great day. The kind of day where you fall into bed and sleep hard and restful.

Again, what a cool grandma!
Darla said…
You and your helper along with the one that likes to read, (we have plenty of books) and the one who watches T.V., (we have those too) are more than welcome to spend the day with me!! Great memories!
KrisinTN said…
Geez, did you cook all day? Do you want to come to my house? or just send Alyssa, I'm sure she'd point me in the right direction.
Your post reminded me of my mom. She'd come over and I'd say that I had to go to the grocery store because I didn't have anything to make for dinner.

She'd start cooking with what I had on hand and make a table full of meals just like you did.

What a gift it is to be able to "see" meals like that and be able to cook such delicious food.

Thank you for sharing.
Jacquelynne said…
Sounds like you cooked enough for an army- you must be tired. Bravo for you!
G'G'ma said…
After all that work I hope you can get a good rest tonight. You had a good helper too.