My 3 grandchildren came and spent the night with us one night last week. Triston (13 years old) read a book the whole time she was here, with her cell phone in her hand, texting her friends at the same time. Everytime I tried to take her picture, she would turn her head. She is so beautiful. I did get a picture of her asleep finally. She will probably kill me for putting it on my blog. Alyssa, (8 years old) is happy doing anything that I am doing. She is just precious. She is always happy no matter what. Brett (5 years old) is a fireball. He can't be still. Triston slept on the couch bed, and I made the little ones a pallet in the floor in my bedroom. Alyssa never has a problem going to sleep. Brett was in a talking mood. We layed in our bed and laughed at some of the things he said. I tried to write it down so I would remember how he said everything. I thought it was so cute and thought I would share it with you.
Gran, God didn't get tired making the whole world, right Gran? Right Brett.
Gran, I think I cannot go to sleep- I don't know why Granny? Why Granny? Close your eyes Brett.

Gran, I think I have to go to the bathroom again......thats 3 times, right Granny? Again, Brett?

Gran, when is it going to be morning? Soon Brett.

Gran, how did Alyssa go to sleep and I am not, Gran?? She closed her eyes and started dreaming, Brett. Do you want to have sweet dreams, Brett. No Granny.

Gran, Is Pawpaw asleep? No, Brett.

Gran, are you asleep? No Brett.

Gran, can I wake Sissy up? No Brett.

Finally, he gave it up and went to sleep. And so did we.


Alice Grace said…
Precious! What a sweet post of those wonderful grandchildren! I know they were so excited to be there with you.
Anonymous said…
They are all precious. :)
Darla said…
Beautiful children and great memories you are making for them.
Amelia said…
Truly they are god's gift.
Julie said…
What a fun conversation!! There is nothing better....have a great day. Julie
Donna said…
Why is it that so many girls, when they hit their teens, get camera-shy?

I love the conversation with Brett.
Darla said…
KrisinTN said…
Beautiful Kids! and By the way that book that Tristan was reading is a part of the Twilight series. Beth has read them as each book came out, but now I want to read them. They actually sound very good, and I've heard several good reviews. The first book turned into a movie comes out in November, I think.
Needled Mom said…
Wonderful conversation! Aren't grands the best??? We should have had them first, as they say.

I know the kids had as much fun as you did.
What a fun post. Those grandbabies are so beautiful. And that conversation. Reminds me of our son when he was little.

They are so lucky to have a grandmother like you.

Hugs all around.
Anonymous said…
hi there!
thanks for visiting my blog! :)

...oh, and that conversation sounds alot like one i had last night with my 6 year old son. actually, just about every night. :)

have a wonderful day!
Shannon said…
Thanks for keeping the kids, mom. Go ahead and mark down the next slumber party.....soon.....very soon!! Love, Shannon (daughter of Val)
Anonymous said…
How sweet!! They all have grown so MUCH...Looks like ya'll had a good time!

Shannon Collins
jacquie said… sweet. what lovely memories you are making together!