My Hurting Child

Along, with happiness LIFE brings sorrows. It hurts a mother for one of her children to go through pain. You just want to make it all go away and fix it for them, but then you realize that this is part of LIFE. When we are in the valley is when we learn. When we are at the bottom, is when we look up. When we cannot STAND, is when we have to LEAN. When God closes one door, HE always opens another! When we are down, is when we really see if we have that personal relationship with JESUS. It is easy to serve HIM when things are going good. The real test is when you are in the valley. It is something that only YOU and HIM know. Instead of giving up and giving in, you see your hurting child look to JESUS in the midst of the storm. Then you know, that they know, that they know. They could stay in the valley, but then you find out that your hurting child is in the WORD where all of our help comes from. They are reading and listening to tapes to fill themselves up with HIM. Then your hurting child shares with you some of the things that they are learning as they walk this lonely road. Here is some of this WISDOM that was shared with me:

Out of REJECTION comes DIRECTION! When you face rejection and disappointment, don't stay there. Know that GOD has another plan--that closed door simply means that GOD has something better in store for you.

There is nothing that you can do about past disappointments. You cannot change the PAST, but YOU can do something about the FUTURE. What is in front of you is far more important than what is behind you. Where you are going is more significant than where you came from or where you have been. Understand that our GOD did not create any person without putting something extremely valuable on the inside. LIFE may have tried to push you down through disappointments or set backs and you can't see how you are ever going to be happy again---YOU have to DIG your heels in and say, I know what I have on the inside-- I am a child of the most high God. I am full of HIS "can do" power and I'm going to rise up and be everything that GOD has created me to be.
Don't talk about the way you are -- Talk about the way you are going to be!!

I don't know what tapes or books that my hurting child is reading or listening to, but as a mother, it sure is a good feeling to know that they know where their help comes from. What a blessing this gave me.
Are they hurting? YES.
Can I fix it for them? NO.
Do they have bad days? YES.
Will they be alright? YES, because JOY comes in the morning.

Please whisper a prayer for my hurting child while going through this trial. This too shall pass. Where would we be without our Lord?

When you have done all to stand, STAND THEREFORE.

Thank you, Lord.


Alice Grace said…
Well said. This is when we KNOW where we stand with the Lord, when we trust HIM, and wait.
Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
Your Hurting Child will be all right, because of the trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, who heals all our hurts when we trust in Him.
This post was something that I needed to read...thank you, Valerie! I certainly will be praying for your child...God Bless.
Wow. This has me speechless. I get it. That she gets have indeed followed your greatest mission - caring for a child of God. Wow, Valerie.
Anonymous said…
This is a wonderful post and I appreciate your sharing.

May your child continue to lean upon the Lord and recognize how valuable they are to Him, to you and to all of us who reside with them in the body of Christ.
There can be no greater peace than to know that your child knows God. blessings, marlene
Julie said…
I hope your child is doing better, and that you have been blessed. Your post was very tender. Have a great day. Julie
Mel said…
Wonderful post. This speaks to me also as I am 'toughing it out'.
Thanks for sharing that!
quiltingnana said…
As moms we do hurt when our children hurt...thanks for the inspiration
Anonymous said…
HI Aunt Valerie!!
Works has been crazy so I have not been able to check your blog..but today the Lord brought you all to mind and I just had to get on here and check on you all!!!

I am really praying for the hurting child and know..I am hurting with you all!! Our hope is in the Lord and I know he can lift us up on Wings of eagles!! I know God can make all things new and He is the God of new beginnings!!!

I love and miss you all and I am going to call and check in on everybody! maybe tonight!! I know one thing...your kids are right where they need to be!! Home in the loving arms of you and your sweet honey my uncle sweet honey!

Love you soo much!!
:) Sanna
Anonymous said…
I am praying for your hurting child. I wish there was something i could do to help? If you ever need anything just let me know? God bless you & your Family

Shannon Collins
Suzanne said…
Thank you Valerie,

This ministered to me as well.

Blessing to you and your hurting child.
Brenda said…
Your precious child is wise to lean upon the Lord. Romans 8:28 that 'All things work together for good to those who love the Lord.'

All our love to her and to you. Brenda