Gardening or Sewing?

My summer garden is really slowing down now. I am still getting okra, peas and lots of tomatoes. In my fall garden I have cabbage, cauliflower, & broccoli planted and it is coming along really good. It will not require a lot of work though. I am ready to get to sewing! I had my sewing machine serviced today and I am ready to go! In the fall and winter I usually try out a lot of new recipes too. I love to cook, but in the summer, I just try to eat out of my garden which is delicious. I also am so busy canning and freezing that I don't have time to try out new recipes. I sure am going to miss eating my tomato sandwiches that I have for lunch everyday. We are suppose to have a frost this week. I am planning on picking all my green tomatoes and wrapping them in newspaper toward the end of the week. They are not as good as right off the vine, but it is nice to have them slowly ripening. I should have enough to last until the first of the year. They are definately better than store bought. I have really enjoyed our garden though, but I am ready for a break. I need to sew.....BAD! Gardening or sewing? They are both great!


Alice Grace said…
Gardening is great, especially when you bring me some of it! I can't wait till you get back to sewing tho! Hurry before Baby Davis gets here!
Donna said…
I never had the patience for sewing, so I'm in awe of those who do it well.
I love to look at yummy gardens and I sure love to eat out of them. What a treat!

Gardenful of Love, *karendianne.
Needled Mom said…
That is a tough choice!!!! The gardening seems to take prioity as it does not wait. Too bad.
I love home grown vegetables...especially tomatoes! I sure will miss those.

I've tagged you...visit my blog, "Home Is Where The Heart Is...2" to play along!

Have a great day Valerie!
PEA said…
Hello dear Valerie:-)

Our vegetable garden only has beets left in it, we had to take all the tomatoes off the vines because of the frost we've been having every morning. Like you, I just love being able to eat fresh veggies out of my own garden, it just tastes so much better:-)

Aren't those 3D scans of the baby while still in the womb the neatest thing? Your daughter is carrying like my daughter in law...all tummy:-) She only has 2 weeks to go, I jump every time the phone rings now! lol I know exactly how excited you are as well:-) xoxo