We Are So Excited! 10 Weeks to go!

Our baby Daughter, Mandy is having a baby! She has about 10 weeks to go. Yesterday she had the 3D Ultrasound done. We have a lot of pictures and a dvd. It was so neat getting to see the baby before he is even born. Mandy looks so beautiful. She is all baby! Dusty, her "sweet honey" is so excited. I have to tell you the funniest thing. Dusty has UNIQUE feet (I am being nice). His toes are so long. They have like 3 joints in each toe. I hope you can see the baby's foot in the one picture. It looks just like Dusty's feet! It is hilarious! We have a lot of pictures of the baby but I tried to pick out the best ones. I hope you can see the baby as good as we can. I also wanted to share a few pictures of the proud parents to be and their home. This will be their first baby and our fourth grandbaby. We are so excited!
Can You see his little face?
He is yawning here. See his mouth open.
One arm is across his face & one under his neck.
Can you see this foot sticking up?
Look for his long toes!


Anonymous said…
This is very sweet! Of course, we think he is the cutest thing ever... We can't wait to meet him. In picture #3 his eyes were actually even open. It is truly a miracle and we feel so blessed and thankful. I'm so glad that y'all are a part of this wonderful time! We already love little Davis Luke more than we could have imagined. Thanks for this post and for being such a great mom and granny!!!

Dusty & Mandy
Alice Grace said…
Oh, he is so darling! I love him already! What a foot on that baby! LOL. I just know he is coming into a very loving home with a wonderful little Mommie and Daddy. What fun they are going to have!
Darla said…
That is Special!! Your daughter is beautiful and what a cutie for a son in law. I love the babies bedroom with the blue stripes. Good Job! I have never seen ultrasound photos that clear, man has technology come a long way.
(Oh yeah, might want to go ahead and have some shoes made)
What a beautiful couple they are! I bet they can't wait to hold their little in their arms...thanks for sharing.
Lori said…
Your daughter is a beautiful pregnant mommy-to-be! She is absolutely glowing.
Needled Mom said…
How exciting! Aren't the ultrasounds fun to see? The long toes run in our family and our newest grandson has them as well.
They've always called me "monkey toes." I've always been able to pick things up from the floor with these babies. ;)

And your daughter looks so beautiful.

Isn't it amazing how clearly you can see the baby?

Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said…
Such amazing photos and such a precious little one who soon will be making his appearance. Congrats to your family.
Oh yes, I can see that foot, too. This is so amazing, so neat, so wonderful.

Thank you for sharing the magic.

Baby Love, *karendianne.
Jacquelynne said…
My goodness, aren't those images amazing and wonderful! You must be so excited- best wishes to you and your (growing) family.
Anonymous said…
Hey Val,

This is amazing!! How sweet! They are such a beautiful COUPLE!! There home is beautiful & the baby's room is adorable!! I would love to see everybody!! Tell everyone I said hello! ;) Luv ya lots, Shannon Collins
Brenda said…
What a beautiful baby! I can't wait to meet him, too. I showed Robbie the pictures and he was amazed to see his sweet face and that foot! I must email Jami so she can see him also! Mandy is stunning! She and Dusty will be the perfect Mommie and Daddy! Congratulations to them and to us all! Love, Brenda
Julie said…
A baby is a miracle!! That 3-D ultrasound is incredible. That wasn't being used yet with my babies--what a wonder!! juile
Karen said…
It is so nice that you are so excited about your new grandbaby. I wish my mom had been excited about any of my children (I have three). My kids have no grandparents in their lives, it is so sad. I am happy for you and your lovely family. you obviously understand what life is all about.
Sara said…
How adorable! I can tell that you are excited and this is going to be a wonderful occasion for your family!
Corinna said…
Oh wow those are awesome ultrasound pictures! My SIL is due any day now but I don't think they got any ultrasound prints.

Anyways my real reason for posting...you won 2nd prize in my fall giveaway! I sent you an e-mail last week but perhaps it was lost on its way to you. lol I also sent another one tonight. Hopefully you get it! I'll need your address to get you your prize. :o)
KrisinTN said…
Wow, you can tell so much from these pictures! Mandy is beautiful. I love the decorating in the babies room. Who did the painting? It looks great!