Twas' The Night Before Christmas

We have enjoyed our Christmas Eve tonight. Our Church had a candlelight service and then we came home and enjoyed a quiet supper together. We have a tradition that we open 1 gift the night before Christmas and another the next morning. My "sweet honey" got me a very nice outfit- some grey dress pants and a sweater to match it. It is just beautiful. He also got the perfect size. I gave him something every hunter needs-- Thermacell Mosquito Repellent. It is a portable appliance that is odor free to repel bugs while you hunt. I also got him some refills and a holster to hold it. I believe he liked it pretty well. He will use it more when he is turkey hunting next year when it is warmer but I knew it was something he wanted. He killed another deer the other day. My freezer will be full with all the deer meat and the vegetables from our garden. It has been a very peaceful Christmas Eve. Most of our children are with friends or family enjoying their Christmas together and then tomorrow morning we will all meet at the Waffle House for a Christmas breakfast. That is another tradition we have. Then we head over to see what Santa brought the grandchildren. Then tomorrow afternoon we always go to the movies. Well that is the plan unless our new grandbaby decides to be born! That sure would be a great Christmas present. I went to the doctor with Mandy on Monday and they still say it could be anyday. She has made a lot of progress over the past week. We are anxiously awaiting his arrival! We are all so thankful this Christmas. We have so many blessings and answered prayers. We could not begin to thank the Lord enough. I hope you all have a very Blessed & Merry Christmas!


Alice Grace said…
A quiet Christmas with the one you love is the best! God bless you and yours as you enter this wonderful season of Christ's birth.
Karen said…
What a wonderful sounding Chrismas Eve you had.
I think our tomorrow is going to be just as joyous!
Hope your grandbaby comes soon, maybe a Christmas baby!
Anonymous said…
We opened our gifts last night because today we are hosting family for lunch and will be busy (as soon as The Doc wakes up). I had trouble sleeping in so I had some coffee and computer time before the day's activity begins.
Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Darla said…
What a sweet Christmas Eve! Your home is lovely.
martha in california said…
I'm dropping by to wish you and your family a beautiful Christmas. I love to stop by and read about your wonderful crafts, recipe and family. Thank you for sharing.
lindsey said…
Glad you are enjoying your Christmas Time wih your family. May you be truly blessed!
Needled Mom said…
Isn't it fun to have established Christmas traditions over the years?

It sounds as though you were blessed with another wonderful Christmas.

I can't wait to hear the wonderful news of the arrival of the little angel. Mom must be getting tired of hearing that it could be any day now.
QuiltedSimple said…
What a great Christmas you had! Quiet ones are the best. Is the baby here yet?
*karendianne. said…
What a lovely Christmas. ...I really like the breakfast tradition at Waffle House! Sending you lots of good baby delivery love, too!

Bless You and Your Entire Family, *karendianne.
martha in california said…
I'm popping back in to find out if the baby has arrived. I'm sure everyone in the family is on alert. Please keep us (internet lookie-loos) posted. :-)