Simple Blessings

A magazine subscription gift from my Mom

Mom gave me this paper weight the other day.
I just love it. She offered me the other one.
I didn't take it but I think I will now.
I just love the bird!

Several sweet phone calls:
...... from my SIL, Dusty checking on baby!
......from my daughter, Mandy checking on baby!
.......from my daughter, Shannon who had a wreck but was not hurt!
Thank you Lord!

....... from my husband for no reason!
........from my daughter, Maranda to see how my day was going!
.........from my daddy just checking on me......from my friend, Janice checking on my head injury!
......from my sweet Mom to see how I was (even though it is her that has not felt good!)
.......from my SIL, Glo thanking me for the shower & the pictures on my blog.
(She doesn't need to thank me, she has done so much for my family as long as I can remember. She is the most giving person!)

I am so thankful for my old (10 year old) stove. They had told me it would costs 638.00 to fix it. So we went shopping.......just to find out that a Jenn Aire stove is now 2800.00!!! Yikes! We paid 1000.00 for it 10 years ago. But the repair man came and fixed it for 182.00. I gladly paid him. This was sure a blessing!

A visit from my best friend, Vicki.
I gave her a neck pillow & a pin cushion that I made just for her. But she gave me so much more just for visiting and giving of her time. She is a blessing and it made my day.

Pawpaw coming home to play with grandson! More than precious!

A sweet gift from my daughter Mandy!
I love charm squares! (she also brought supper)
My Son, Nathan also offered us supper tonight.
Do I have sweet children or what?

I was so thankful that I had a little time in the sewing room.
This is a surprise for my oldest grandaughter, Triston.

I just had to share some simple, yet precious blessings from today. I have heard this said at church so many times, but it is so true. We could offer the Lord a million thanks and it would not be enough.


I'm loving the picture with Pawpaw and the grandbaby. Adorable. You're so luck to have so many blessings.
Anonymous said…
I can read the happiness that is in your heart.
Rosemarie said…
I love quilt squares - something about them just warms my heart! Glad you had a great day!
Alleluiabelle said…
I love the paper weight. We have the same kind of bird that feeds at our birdfeeder. I love the phone as well. My mom used to have one almost exactly like yours. I think I still have it tucked away.

You have a beautiful and caring family and you are very, very blessed. I enjoy visiting your site Valerie.

Anonymous said…
I love the paperweight!! I love the charms. But what I love the most is the LOVE in this post. YOu can tell that your family is amazing. I love the pics! Great heart warming post Val

Anonymous said…
You have such an awesom family and you are so blessed by our Lord. All of your kids and grand kids are beautiful and handsome and I know you are proud. I'm so glad our paths crossed at another site. You my dear are an amazing woman. You do so much for your family and you are so very blessed for it. You are a very sweet and precious lady and I am blessed for meeting you! Thanks for the invite to your blogsite. I will keep coming back.
Debra Bunt
Gladewater, Texas
Alice Grace said…
Hey, you are more than welcome to have the other paperweight! I am so glad you love it. I think the other one is of a partridge.
I am so proud your stove is finally fixed, and needless to say, little Davis is such a joy!
PEA said…
Sometimes the simple blessings are the ones that mean so much:-) I just love your telephone, I didn't even know they still made them like that! lol Such wonderful calls you received on it:-) I so enjoyed seeing all the photos and that one of Pawpaw with the baby is just precious. xoxo
simple~needs said…
great pics.. babies are just the best! :)
thanks for stopping by my blog.

i just boil the fabric for a while, it gives it an old worn look.. maybe about 15 min. or so at a good boil. :)

post us some pics of what you are making. :)
Alleluiabelle said…
Hi Valerie,

I've become a 'fan' of see what that means...please stop by my site. I have a surprise waiting there for you.

My love & Blessings,