Granny Quit Quilting??

This is where I found Granny today.
She was washing up her lunch dishes.

Granny's Sister (left) came to visit her.
They look a lot alike I think.

Granny holding my grandson, her great, great grandson.

This is Granny's sister and her daughter looking at Granny's quilts.

They bought 4 of the quilts. That thrilled Granny!

The baby on the left is Granny's sisters great granddaughter.
She is 6 weeks old.
The baby on the right is my grandson. He is 13 weeks old now. He just gooed and gooed at that baby girl. We figured out they have to be like 6th cousins!

I didn't get to visit much one on one with Granny today because right after I helped her finish up her dishes her sister and family came in. Granny was so thrilled. Normally on a Thursday she is sewing but today the sewing machine was closed up. I heard her tell her sister that she might just quit quilting. My dad has been telling me that sometimes Granny is going back to bed after she gets up and eats breakfast and reads her Bible and prays. That just doesn't sound like Granny. I just know that if Granny quits quilting she would not have anything to get up for. I told her today that I want her to quilt. She thought I said that I wanted her to quit! I told her NO! I think I talked her into keeping on keeping on. We will see. I know she is tired but I also know her love of quilting. She has expressed to me many times how on Mondays she gets up and it makes her happy to start another quilt. She usually quilts Monday - Thursday and of course, Friday is "wash day"! She even told her sister today about "wash day." I almost think she was excited about it. I am not sure. I know there is no changing her mind on her schedule. She was a little confused today. Seeing the 2 babies confused her I think. I just love my Granny so much. I don't want her to quit quilting. It just scares me to think of her getting up and not having anything to do that she loves. I know she is 95 years old but when she talks about quilting or the Lord her eyes light up with life! I want to continue seeing that light in her eyes. Pray for Granny.
*Thank you all that have prayed for my MOM. She is doing some better but had a hard day today. Please continue to pray for her.


Needled Mom said…
Just catching up a bit, Valerie. I always love the pictures and stories of your Granny. I, too, hope that she doesn't give up her craft. I can't imagine what she would do with her day.
Anonymous said…
Your granny is so precious and I hope she perks up a bit and can continue quilting and hope your Mom improves.
Michelle said…
I love it when you post about your Granny. What a blessing she must be to you. She has touched so many people in her lifetime, and continues to do so.

I hope she doesn't give up quilting either. What joy it brings her. Maybe selling a few of them will renew her interest and she will be making more quilts.

Be blessed.
What a blessing to have a granny that quilts! My mother in law has been very sick for the last few weeks, and it breaks my heart to see her going down. She is 88 years old. She is a china painter, and I had hoped that after the New Year I could start china painting with her. I'd like to ask for prayer for her as well.

amandajean said…
your granny can NOT quit quilting! that would be so sad. i hope you can encourage her to keep at it. thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog today. i appreciate it so much. :)
Wow, great, great grandchildren. That is amazing. What a long life. I hope she keeps quilting.
Julie said…
I love reading your blog-- a lot. Your stories of your granny are so endearing. I hope she continues to quilt. What a heritage--take lots of photos. Have a wonderful weekend. Julie.
Anonymous said…
I love reading about Granny. I will pray for her. I hope she keeps quilting. I was wondering if some new fabric or maybe if you needed her to "show you something" might spark her interest again. Just a thought. Keep us posted.

Anonymous said…
Your granny is so cute, standing at the sink. I love that she's washing a graniteware pan. I have many of them and wouldn't trade them for anything. I'm almost 70 and just made my first quilt this past winter. I hope to be around to quilt when I'm your granny's age. I hope she keeps right on quilting. Remind her that every quilt she makes is an heirloom for someone.
QuiltedSimple said…
I hope she perks up and keeps motivated!
Your granny is an amazing woman. I hope I can quilt until I am 85, much less 95. What an inspiration.
Sandy said…
Great pictures of your Granny and family. They will mean so much in the future. Prayers for Granny and hope that she continues what she loves...maybe just cut back a day if it is tiring.
Rhonda in OK said…
What a special treasure your granny is. I love her quilts too.

I hope she is able to sew many more quilts!

My grandmothers were both needleworkers, they lived a long time and were active most all their lives, one was 95 and the other was 99 when they went to heaven.
Alleluiabelle said…

Your granny looks like such a sweet, sweet woman. I love the elderly. I hope that she keeps on quilting. I will be praying for her and your mom. Great pictures of the little ones. I have a strong, loving heart for the elderly and little ones. You are blessed.

PEA said…
I feel like I know your granny from reading your words about her and like you, I would so worry if she gave up quilting. Such a blessing for her that at her age of 95 she can still quilt!! Prayers are with her and your mom. xoxo
Karen said…
What an endearing post.
Granny is so cute and one would think the sisters were twins.
I must say the 'genes' in your family is very strong - there is a huge resembelence in all of you.
Brenda said…
Wonderful pictures of the very youngest babies to the very wisest of our Cherokee heritage! Thank you for sharing these pictures and words. I also enjoyed your simple blessings page. You are a blessing to all of us! Love, from your sister, Brenda
Alice Grace said…
Granny is so special, and so are you for loving her so much and giving her so much attention.
Love the hands of the grandchildren!
SandyQuilts said…
I love your Granny postings. I hope she doesn't stop quilting. Oh the 2 babies together .... adorable.
Darla said…
I'll pray Valerie, tough stuff here.
The picture of her washing dishes is priceless - I know you will always treasure it. Keep encouraging her to quilt. It's when we don't feel needed that we lose sight of a future - if she knows someone loves her quilts and wants them maybe she will continue. blessings, marlene
Midlife Mom said…
I too hope she continues to quilt! She does amazing work and it gives her something to be interested in and get excited about. Maybe if she just cuts down on the number of days it would help.

Love the picture of the two babies together! So sweet!
lindsey said…
Wow your Granny is great. I hope I can still quilt when I am 95! Your family must be so precious to her and keep her on her toes.