Foot Surgery Again?

This is Maranda with her nephew before her surgery.
This is her 3rd foot surgery in 6 months.
They put screws in both feet during bunion surgery.
Now the screws are coming out so they have to be removed.
She is not a happy camper.

Lane (boyfriend) & Maranda before they took her back.
For some reason she looks a lot happier here.
Wonder why?

Papaw holding "Little D" at surgery center.
He had to go with us because his Mommy & Daddy were working.

Mom (me) & Dad with Maranda & "Little D."

She is getting nervous here but you can't tell it.

Lane holding "Little D" in waiting room. He is such a good baby.

Look what came out of her feet?
Not the spoon! ha!
The screws!
Maranda asked me why I put the spoon there.
Do you know?

Because I wanted to show you the size of the screws!
I was amazed how long they were.
Pictures do not do it justice.

So here she goes again. Recooperation time is not as long as the other surgeries though.
She is really doing good though for what she has been through. It just killed her to have to go through surgery again. She loves cute shoes & was just starting to get to wear some but it will be a while now. Keep her in your prayers.

Note: My other daughter, Mandy ("Little D's" Mom) also had a minor surgery today( I wasn't there to take pics or you would see her too) so please remember her as you pray. Also, please keep my MOM, my bff Vicki, & our special friends Krista & Charlie in your prayers. If you would like to read what Krista & Charlie have been going through, she is trying to do day by day posts when she can. It is still so fresh and they are hurting so much. If you would like to read about their journey just click here. They have been through a lot. Please remember all of these in your prayers.


Amelia said…
Oh Valerie, you have your plate full with trying to comfort your loved ones during these "doctorin" spells.

You have not mentioned your Granny in some time...has something happened and I missed it - or what? I always loved the posts you wrote about her...her love of quilting and God...and the pictures of her tiny wonderful feet.

May God give you the strength in this time.

andsewon said…
Oh my goodness, bless her heart. I do hope this is Maranda's last one and all goes well in her recovery.
Little D is what we called our son when he was small...;-)
Needled Mom said…
I am so sorry to hear that Maranda had to have surgery again. That is such a shame. I hope that is the end of it and those cute shoes will soon replace the boots.

I will continue to keep your mom and your family as well as your dear friends in my prayers.
Anonymous said…

I know you are really dealing with alot lately. I pray that you get some rest and those you have been comforting get rest too.
I am with Amelia on wondering about Granny?? I was wondering if she ever picked up her quilting again??
Bless your Heart my dear friend!!

Darla said…
Man! Never a dull moment around your neck of the woods!!
Ouch, poor Maranda. Hope this surgery is her last.
Anonymous said…
Remembering you all in prayer during these difficult times.
Anonymous said…
Bless her heart!! I hope this is her last surgery. I pray she will recover soon! May God Bless you Valerie for all that you do! I'll keep everyone in my prayers.

Shannon Collins
Brenda said…
Even during surgery this girl is a beauty! All my love and prayers to her.