Spring Has Sprung!

There were more tulips but didn't get the picture before they were already gone!
I bought this Japanese Maple tree in Helen Georgia 2 or 3 years ago.
It wasn't doing good where I first planted it so I transplanted in the front yard
last year and planted this monkey grass around it. It seems to be taking off now.
I love it.

I transplanted this from a neighbors yard several years ago.
It is really doing good this year.
I would have never known that this was anything except a weed
until our best friends, Vicki & Eddie showed us trillium on one of our annual trips
to Helen, Ga.
They know so much about any kinds of plants and flowers.
This actually is right next to our driveway. It should bloom any day now.
This is just one of the many Iris's that my mother gave me.
Purple is my favorite color!
I love it!
Isn't this just beautiful?
It is right next to our driveway too.
This is next to the driveway also.
I love the color!
Did I tell you that I love purple?
This azalea is in the middle of some ivy that we planted several years ago.
I love my ivy but I have to watch it because it climbs and overtakes trees and plants.
It sure does save on mulch though.
The azalea was here when we moved here 12 years ago but the ivy I transplanted from a friends house.


Anonymous said…
Your yard is really beautiful and so colorful. I have a small Jap. Maple that I transplanted also and it seems to like its sunnier home much better. I also sprinkled a little 10-10-10 around the base and watered it in. Purple is one of my favorites too!
Amelia said…
Love the flowers - so colorful!
Alice Grace said…
Beautiful! I love all the spring colors. You have a beautiful yard! It's no wonder tho, because you work hard in it. I love the iris, too, and the sisters to that one is blooming in my yard!
Darla said…
Yes it is Spring in your neck of the woods.....Beautiful and I love the light pink Dianthus you transplanted from your neighbor!
quiltingnana said…
ooooh your gardens are lookin good
G'G'ma said…
Love your beautiful flowers. So far only daffodils and forsythia are blooming here. I'm anxiously awaiting everything to pop soon though!
Karen said…
Just beautiful...
So far just daffodils are out here oh, and Tulips.
Needled Mom said…
Yeah for spring!!!!! Aren't the colors all so wonderful?