The Best Fishing Partners

My daughter Maranda & Lane were the best fishing
partners even though
they didn't fish. When we were close enough to the condos
they brought us snacks and "cold cokes"!!
What more could we ask for?
Here they are at Hofer's Bakery & Cafe
picking out Lane's mom & dad some goodies.
They were voted Best Bakery In Atlanta & NE Ga.
They have the best coffee!

Here they are looking at some of this enamelware at
Nora Mill Granery! This was a very neat place.
There were huge trout that you could see in the water.
We sure would like to catch one of those.

Don't tell Maranda but we had just saw a big snake right there in the water!

This is where we found them after we were through fishing that afternoon.
They had made Guacomole, Pinwheel sandwiches, salsa and lots of other goodies.
These are the best kind of fishing partners......the kind that cook!

We had so much fun in so little time this past weekend. Maranda & Lane relaxed and just enjoyed the get away. Randy & I relaxed too even though we did do some fishing. I loved it. We actually went to eat breakfast before we went fishing. It is so funny. None of us require much. We don't have to be entertained. We are so content just doing nothing in Helen Ga.! Can you all tell that I love going there?


Alice Grace said…
What fun and I think I like Maranda and Lane's idea the best!
Anonymous said…
Sounds very relaxing and I love that bakery!
Needled Mom said…
It sounds like perfect company to be around too.
Yes I can tell you love it there :-) What a great trip for all of you.
Anonymous said…
Your helpers/cooks sure do look like a very happy couple. She is just as beautiful as her mama.
Brenda Sue said…
Your helpers look so happy! What a weekend!
Karen said…
Valarie, what wonderful photos...the kids look so happy together.
Glad everyone has a great relaxing time.
LOL! The snake caption made me laugh :-) Looks as if you guys had a ball.