My Grandaughter made an Annie Doll

Remember a few weeks back when I was in an Annie Doll Swap?
Well, my 14 year old grandaughter started cutting one out and the next thing I knew she had her stuffed and put together.
I just showed her the basics. She picked out her own fabric.
I showed her how to do the yarn on her head for hair and she took
her home and brought her back and she was beautiful.
Tuesday she decided to paint the face. She told me she was very nervous about doing this.
I told her to just use her imagination and have fun.
Well, she did it.
This is showing the back of her.
Check those cute socks & shoes out!

This is the front of her. I just had to show you the panties she painted on her.
And she even has a belly button!!! Isn't that cute?
See the white paint on her right leg. That was an accident. Tris was upset about it
and I told her that is the thing with Annies. They don't have to be perfect.
She said that can be her birthmark. I thought that was pretty good at using her imagination.

I did not help her hardly at all. I have only made that one so I am sure not an expert.
She made the dress and everything herself. I can't wait until we do another one. I think she did a great job, don't you?
I am so proud of her.


The doll turned out so cute! Great job :-) Your granddaughter is really cute too.
Allie said…
Wow, she did great! That's an awesome Annie doll! I love the colors she used and the painting is wonderful. Good job!
Needled Mom said…
How cute she is! I love the free spirit of Annies.
Anonymous said…
She made a wonderful Annie doll!
Sherry said…
I love her doll! The belly button is so cute!! I was very nervous about painting the face on your doll too. I figured after I did all that work I could mess it up so easy. It wasn't as bad as I thought though! Your grandaughter did an amazing job! I love the yellow socks and her little face is so cute! I wish my 18 year old daughter was interested in sewing. You should be very proud of your grandaughter!!

I am so in love with this Annie!!! She is so darn cute. Look at all the attention to detail... that went into making this little Annie. What's Her name???? I love the panty idea... cute cute cute. An excellant choice of fabrics I must say!!!! You have a very creative and wonderful sewer on your hands grandmother ;)
Awesome project to work on together ;)Or at least a bit of gentle guidance.
Krista said…
These are so cute! I bet Beth would love to make one of these. You'll have to share how you did it!
This is me... said…
Nice job - adorable (both the doll and your GD)
Anonymous said…
Your granddaughter did an outstanding job on her Annie doll. The panties and belly button are really cute and the face turned out sweet as can be. Who would not love to have those eyelashes?? That's wonderful that Tris shares your passion and flair for sewing and I wonder about the doll's name too!
Darla said…
Beautiful!!! She is going to be just like you!!
Alice Grace said…
What a great job Tris did! I loved the choice of fabrics for the dress and the panties! Color coordination was excellent! Good job, Tris!