Several Visits With Granny This Week - Visit 1

I found Granny washing the gasket on her refrigerator when
I came in on Tuesday. She likes things clean. I walked in the back door and yelled for her but she didn't have her hearing aid in so I had to get right over at her for her to realize that
I was there. I had 3 of my grandchildren with me and she was thrilled to see us.
I have been wanting to show the grandchildren this cabinet. When I was a little girl, this slide out cabinet was always full of flour. Now it just has a bowl of flour,her sifter and a rolling pin in it.
I was explaining to the grandchildren how she used to make so many biscuits and she used so much flour that she would buy it in bulk and pour it in. I don't guess they make cabinets like this anymore. You can tell that she still makes biscuits everyday by looking at the sifter. This woman never ceases to amaze me.

Granny is showing us the 17 quarts of green beans that her and my dad put in the freezer on Monday. She was so proud. She said she was exhausted. She said when the garden is coming in that it is hard to find the time to quilt. She said she got so tired while putting up the beans that she just had to go and sit on the front porch and rest. She whispered and told me that she was ready to quilt.

Well, I knew when I saw the food on the table that I had to do one of two things......
either sit down and eat or go ahead and leave. When it gets around 11:30 a.m. at Granny's house it is time to eat
whether you are hungry or not. Now if it had just been me, I would have stayed because those green beans and cornbread sure looked & smelled good but the grandchildren wanted taco bell!
Taco Bell vs. Granny's Cornbread & Beans????

Here she is getting her little cup of milk that she drinks with her meal and waving goodbye to us. There will be more posts about Granny this week because I am helping pick veges out of her garden. Isn't she just so precious? Did I tell you about the day that my camera died. Well she was so happy because she says she don't like her picture took. I actually think she does like it though. Anyway, I didn't realize when I said that my camera died she took me literally. The next time I came and started taking pictures like I always do she said, "You told me a story. You told me that thing died and here you are using it again." I could not help but laugh as I explained to her how you can charge the batteries and make it work again. She is so funny.


Allie said…
She is precious. Just precious. Oh how I miss my own granny.....thanks for sharing yours.
Alice Grace said…
What a sweet post about Granny! But they all are. She is amazing!
Amelia said…
As I have said before so enjoy these postings bout your Granny.
Linda said…
Thanks for sharing your granny with us. She is sooooo cute. I can't imagine having a cupboard full of flour. She must have done a lot of baking back then.
Darla said…
I feel like I am there with ya'll. Thanks.
Rhonda in OK said…
My grandparents kitchen on their farm had the same flour drawer. They did a lot of baking - pie, biscuits and homemade bread every day.

as always, your Granny posts are so sweet.
Anonymous said…
I just love that you share granny with us!! thank you Valerie, she is wonderful
Needled Mom said…
My grandmother also had a flour bin cabinet. She made several pies and bread EACH day. (Of course she had lots of farmer workers to feed.)

I agree with you. Taco Bell cannot begin to hold a candle to what you would have been served there. Your (our) Granny is really something!!! What a generation that was.
Your Granny is so sweet. I really enjoy hearing about her life. She is such a hard working lady. My 90 year old father in law is like that too. Always working or finding something to do.
Sherry said…
I wish I had more pics of my Grandparents and Granny. They were such special people too. You are all blessed!

I love your stories of Granny. I have one grandparent left and she was still flying an airplane up until last year when she broke her leg and shoulder walking down a slick driveway. I imagine she will be back to it soon. She will be 80 this year. Different sort of life but amazing in all respects too.
PEA said…
I'm still giggling over what granny said about the camera! hehe She is just too precious for words, doesn't she realize we need our "granny pictures" fix?? lol I love how she can take care of herself and still fix her own meals, do some canning, quilt, etc. As for that flour bin, it boggles the mind to think of all the flour that's gone in there throughout the years and all the baking she's done:-) xoxo
Valerie I'd love to have your Granny's recipe for biscuits - would she share with us? blessings, marlene