35 Years Ago Today........

35 Years ago today, I had my first baby. It was a boy! I was 19 years old and all I ever wanted was a home, husband and babies. I was so excited when I found out that I was expecting. Back then you didn't get to find out if the baby was a boy or girl but I knew in my mind that he was a boy. I had a dream that I would have a boy first and then girls. I wanted Big brother to always take care of and protect his little sisters. I can't believe it has been 35 years ago today! Wow. How fast time flies! Nathan was about 10 years old in this picture.
We wish for you the Peace, Health, & Happiness.
Mom & Dad


Happy Birthday to your son Nathan! I hope he has a wonderful day!
Needled Mom said…
Happy birthday to your son. Yes, where have the years gone?
Scottish Nanna said…
Happy Birthday Nathan hope you have a wonderfull day.
Hugs Mary.
Anonymous said…
A very happy birthday wish to Nathan.
Alice Grace said…
Happy birthday, Nathan! Your Nana loves you very very much!
Anonymous said…
Sending Nathan more happy birthday wishes from your sista' in Indiana!
And hugs for you :)
blushing rose said…
The days flit so quickly ... that one day you look UP to this tall child ... amazing what can happen to that little 8# 2oz. bundle of joy.

Happy birthday to Nathan. TTFN ~Marydon
Happy birthday to Nathan. Good looking boy, bet he's a handsome man.
Mandy said…
Happy Birthday Nathan!!!


what a sweet post. I love learning little tid bits about you. It is amazing how you do have the feeling of a boy or girl... In this picture Nathan looks a lot like you.

Happy Birthday Nathan. I hope that he has a wonderful day!
andsewon said…
Sweet memories!!He was a cutie!!
Happy Birthday to your Nathan!!!!!!
Allie said…
Happy Birthday Nathan! I hope your day was super blessed!
Brenda Sue said…
Happy Birthday Nathan! I love you very much. Our birthdays are so close - every year I think that we should celebrate them together! I wish for you the very best year of your life. Love, Brenda
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Nathan!!

Shannon Collins
Sherry said…
Happy Birthday Nathan! That's all I ever wanted too. I guess we both got what we wished for!

Happy Birthday, Nathan.