In Love

Happy Anniversary to my Mommy & Daddy!
I think they are in love!
I love my Granny & Pawpaws house.
They have lots of toys!

I am 6 months old now so Pawpaw thinks it is time I learn about the real world!

I think I like this tractor thing! Pawpaw has lots of cool toys!

What did you say, Pawpaw!

When am I old enough to drive Pawpaw?

My Mom & Dad left me with my Aunt tonight. We call her "Big Sis"!
This is their first night going out by themselves since before I was born.
They are celebrating their anniversary but they won't be gone long because they will miss me!
They are in love with me! Look at "Big Sis."
She loves me too!
I think the whole family is in love with me!
Happy Anniversary Mommy & Daddy
I love you.
From, "Little D"


Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness...He's so cute!! Happy Anniversary to Mandy & Dusty! Hope all is well!

Shannon Collins
The baby is adorable! The picture with his pawpaw is so touching.
Happy Anniversary to Mandy and Dusty!
Brenda Sue said…
Add me to the list of those "in love with you" too, Little D! What a beautiful family! Happy Anniversary Mandy and Dusty! Love, Brenda
Anonymous said…
This is so precious. What a beautiful family you have Valerie. Happy Anniversary to Mandy and Dusty.
Darla said…
I can hardly believe how fast time is going right on by. I remember when she was pregnant....Looks like he has stolen everyone's hearts..
Mandy said…
Wow Davis! Granny has taught you how to blog alreadyand Papaw is trying to teach you how to drive the tractor.

This is very sweet! We had fun but we did miss our little boy! While we were eating I said how I missed him and Dusty said well, he is definitely having more fun with big sis, gran, and paw paw...I thought this is true and so I enjoyed the rest of my dinner.

*karendianne. said…
Oh such love! Oh my goodness such a beautiful family. Goodness this makes me burst with sunshine from the heart. Thank you for sharing. Happy Anniversary to Mandy and Dusty.
Needled Mom said…
What a cute post, Val. That little Davis is adorable. Happy anniversary to Mommy and Daddy too.
Anonymous said…
He's just so precious! Happy anniversary wishes to the lovely mom and dad.
Allie said…
How sweet - he is just adorable! Happy Anniversary to mum and dad!
Alice Grace said…
Happy anniversary, Mandy and Dusty, such a sweet couple! And Davis! Oh MY! How cute he is and how he is growing! Davis, you are so cute, and I see a resemblance to you and Brother, Brett! I love you!
Nana (great gramma!)
Sherry said…
Happy Anniversary to Mandy and Dusty and I'm sure everyone is in love with the little one!

You have a beautiful family Val!
Midlife Mom said…
Oh my! What lovely pictures of your beautiful family members! I especially like the ones with him and his Pawpaw on the tractor! This post just made me smile and again realize how blessed we are to have children and grand kids!!
Karen said…
Absolutely adorable baby!!!!

Your family is just beautiful Valerie!

Thanks for sharing.

How adorable. He's such a cute little guy. Sure, everyone loves him even those on the blogs whom have never seen him in person.