HE Knew Before We Knew

I remember this day well.
We discovered that the porch was falling from the house!!!
Thank goodness our carpenters saw this.
Sweet Hunter had them go up in the ceiling of it because
he was considering raising the ceiling.
Boy were we surprised!!!
Thank goodness it was fixable.

This is one of my favorite pictures of our grandson!
He was still so little.
Right when we started our remodeling project here at the farm,
our daughter decided to get in to Real Estate.
So we had the babies for 2 weeks.
But they pitched in and worked hard as they could!
We fixed "Little Bit" a bed in the swing outside!

We also found out the seals that hold the house up were rotting.
Remember, our farmhouse was built in 1887.
Thank goodness, Sweet Hunter is used to these surprises!

After tearing some of the floor we found this old vinyl under the wood.
It was layers and layers of this stuff!
Might I say ugly???

Another room we had to tear the floor out!
The rooms were painted different colors in every room.
The ceilings are 11 foot high.
It was beautiful even though we were tearing it out.
Sweet Hunters goal was to keep the integrity of the old,
yet bring some of today in to the house.

Still at it!
I remember this well.
At one time the original bathroom was in this area.
We didn't know that until we started tearing out.
I remember water being under the floors!
But we found the leak and stopped it!

Another one of my favorite pictures of 2 of our grands!
Sweet Angel & Little Bit.
I don't know what I would have done without her
during this time!

2 More of our Grands....
"Brother & Little D"!
They worked so hard.
This was 2 years ago.
It is amazing how much they have grown!

This is a closer look at the back porch.
As you can see, it was almost rotten.
This was screened in and we tore it all out.
My dream one day is to enlarge it and screen it in again.

Going through all these pictures trying to catch up my blog and found this.
The lady that used to own the house was a doll collector.
These are just a few of the ventriloquist dolls we found!
Aren't they cute?

Keep watching my updates and hopefully you will see the finished project soon!!!

I can't help but think of this verse when I think of how far we have come.
We didn't even realize we had these desires but HE knew before we did!

Delight thyself also in the LORD:
 and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.
Psalm 37:4


Little Penpen said…
I love seeing all your pic's of the restoration. That flowery floor was probably beautiful at one time; imagine how proud that lady was when she had it installed. :) Those ventriloquist dolls... I love! I used to have one and my best friend had the red headed one!
Needled Mom said…
Such sweet photos of the grandchildren! You guys have been doing so much work there. I just love the collection of dolls there. What happened to them in the end?
Kathy said…
I'm enjoying your posts. So much work! And good that your husband, and yourself, enjoy the challenge.
Marie said…
Hi Val, Don't know when you will read this but wanted to wish your sweet family a Merry Christmas. I miss hearing from you and hope all is well. Hugs, Marie