Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Busy At The Farm With Lots of new projects. New Beginnings Journal

We have been a little busy.
I am so excited.
You will see in the last picture what we did.
This is a before picture.

Another before picture.

Just a few things I have been working on.
Before I was sick, I wanted to get this done!
I think it's about time, don't you?
This is so special because his parents are gone now.
And he lost his sister too.
His dad died when SH was 10 years old.
I have a few more pictures to add and some booties but
it is almost finished.
I love it.
I gave Sweet Hunter this shadow box on Valentines Day.
We don't usually get each other gifts but he does so much for me,
and just so happened I got t finished that day.

This will not be it's home, but I thought it was pretty there for the 
time being.

Sweet Hunter was born in 1954 just for me!
I truly know that.
Of course we both had other teenage loves and I was even married before,
I truly believe we were meant to be together.
We went to school together, but I never gave him a second look,
not because he wasn't good looking, because he was.
Got me, why.
I am sure he never gave me a second look although he says he did.
He even dated a couple of my friends.  lol
One was one of my best friends, Penny way back in the High School Days.
She was almost like a sister & although
we don't see each other much, we love each other. 
Always and forever.
Another one that he dated was another best friends sister.
Actually they were twins.
And I love them both. 
Kathy, my best friend back in our younger days 
will always have a special place in my heart.
And then when we actually started dating many many moons after High school, there was another one he spent a lot of time with. 
He was dating her too while seeing me but I knew already. 
And at the time, I wasn't interested, just having fun.
I can't even remember her name.
I know she didn't like me.  lol
For some odd reason, I called her "Brussel Sprouts."
I never was jealous of any and there were lots more.
(giggle) Jealousy wasn't in my vocabulary. 
I mean he was the legendary football player!
Funny, he could care less about that and that's not the man I know 
but I am proud of him for that.
I try to tell the Grands but they don't have a clue 
how good of a football player he was.

This is his little birth bracelet.
A sweet friend of mine picked this up on my porch and
restrung it for me. I have wanted this done for so long.
As you can see in the first picture, it is displayed with the birth card.
This original string and old bead is something you probably can't see.
I put it in a little plastic bag and saved it.
It is also in the shadow box.
I guess I should tell a little about my boys before my real man since 
I talked a little about a couple of his gals.
My favorite subject in school was BOYS!!!!
I am serious. 
Me and one of my best friends were the biggest flirts ever!
And I'm serious. When I married the first time, it was to get away from
home where rules reigned.  lol
Little did I know you live by rules.
Young and dumb.
But I have nothing against my ex. 
We really were young and dumb, especially me.
But thankfully, the Lord allowed me and Sweet Hunter to find each other.
42 years later, I am writing this.
Our marriage and our love is a good thing.
Not bragging. 
Just Blessed.

Changing the subject, I have picked up my crocheting needles again.
These are some dish cloths I made for my Mom for her birthday.
I love crocheting but I have to be careful with my hands and not over do it.

But I have always loved doing it, since my best friend, Vicki taught me the basics.
I made my Grandma Cochran (My MOMS mom) an afghan one time.
When she passed away they gave it back to me and I treasure it because
she was so proud of me making it.
It is in my living room today.

I wanted to show you another project I have been working on. 
We took our recliners out of our living room and moved them to the keeping room 
because we like comfort and in the winter, we stay near the kitchen where the wood heater is.
The love seat, that was in the keeping room, we moved in here to the living room.
In the summer, we use this room. But the main thing I want to show you is
that I got curtains!
Sweet Hunter put them up and it looks so much better.
Curtains just make a difference.
I also added some plants and pictures in here. I will show more later.
This is only because I have my "NEW BEGINNINGS JOURNAL!"
It has made me realize all I want to do and we are getting it done!
I am not good at everything I do, but I love it when I get stuff done.
I have many more projects that I will be adding soon.
I am just so thankful we can do it!!!!!

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God Bless America!


Mari said...

The shadow box turned out great! The curtains look nice too. I enjoyed reading little more of your story and the blessing you are to each other shows in the pics!

Needled Mom said...

This as a really fun read, Val. Your shadow box is such a lovely gift - a real treasure. Your mom will enjoy those dishcloths. Give her my love. I am still enjoying her shared iris she gave me. The curtains look wonderful in there.