Wednesday, August 13, 2008

One Day At A Time

I got up early while it was still cool and started tilling my garden. My garden is pretty big, so it takes a while. I love to see it when it is first tilled. The dirt is so fresh. I am amazed how good my garden has grown since this is the first time I have planted in this location on our property. Look at the vine that is running in the pasture. That is a gourd vine. It is running everywhere and is full of gourds. I sure am glad I just planted 1 plant. I was so afraid that it wouldn't make enough gourds. My "Sweet honey" gave me the best compliment the other day. Actually, he has gave me several compliments lately. But concerning my garden, he said that I have exceeded his expectations. He did the hard stuff like having it plowed and staking my tomatoes, but I have done everything else. I love it. I am proud of it. Did you see my 7 Day Pickles that I am making? They smell so good. I also worked on some much needed paper work this afternoon. I was hoping to accomplish more, but tomorrow is another day. Then, before I knew it, it was time to cook supper. We had Tortilla Soup with chips, guacomole dip, salsa and for dessert, we had some no bake orange juice cookies. It is a new recipe.
My"Sweet daughter" has made good progress today. Her pain level is much better. She has been up more today than before. She also has ate better today. She goes to the doctor in the morning. I took a picture of her and her honey. She is looking better everyday.
My "Sweet Son" has to deal with his pain every day. He has actually been taking care of our grandpuppy, "Bella" for Maranda. I think he is getting attached. When he brings the pup to see her, it actually cries for him. He has been a great help.
Well, wonder what tomorrow will hold? I am excited to find out! Lots of catching up to do around here. Little by little, one day at a time!


Alice Grace said...

Oh that's my Maranda! Smiling again! I know that she is well on the way! You amaze me with that garden! You are just like your Dad about making a garden. It has always been his pleasure, as it is yours! My ONE tomato plant is doing well. hehe Bella looks like she is surviving very well with all that attention!

Darla said...

Hi love your site. I have learned to can hot tomato relish, sweet pear relish, jellies, strawberry figs and cinnamon honey pears this summer. I garden too, flowers and veggies, love growing HOT peppers, have put up hot pepper sauce too.
Looking forward to learning from you.

KrisinTN said...

I would love to grow a garden but now I don't have the room. When we were in Georgia I tried to grow a few tomato plants. Charlie's dad said I had the prettiest plants he'd ever seen, and he's been gardening for years. The funny thing is I never had any tomatoes!! Just pretty green trees! Hahahaha I hope I made you laugh! but it is a true story

Sue said...

Ah yes one day at a time. Life can be so stressful and difficult some days, where would we be without our Lord to cry out to? Been praying for Maranda and Nathan, hope Nathan can find relief, and so glad Maranda is healing well.

Your garden is wonderful. Love seeing pictures of it.