Saturday, May 31, 2008

Quilting Makes Granny Happy

I went by to check on my 94 year old Granny and she was not happy. I don't guess I have ever saw her like this. She was sitting doing her crossword puzzles when I came in. Her sewing machine was sitting there with a quilt laying next to it that she had been working on. I bragged on her quilt and she said she never wanted to see that quilt again. This is so not like her. She makes at least 1 quilt a week. I asked her what was wrong and she said her sewing machine had torn up. It was breaking needles. As you can see, her sewing machine is old but this is the only one she knows. I asked her if someone bought her a new one, would she use it, but she did not know. which probably means no. It was so sad to see her so upset. She loves to show her stack of quilts. They are in a little room that she keeps closed off. She gives some away but loves to sell some for extra money. Granny only uses fabric that people give her. Her quilts are not fancy, but they are precious to me. I am sure quilting is what gets her up in the mornings. I wonder if she dreams about quilting like I do. Since that day, the machine has been fixed and she ended up doing 2 quilts that week. Check out the little stool that she sits on all day doing her quilts. She is an amazing woman. Granny is happy again!

Monday, May 26, 2008

No Place Like Home At The Lake

The Captain, "My Sweet Hunter!"

Ready to go!

Fishing at the dock!

Happy passengers!
Is that Grandmother on our boat?

"My Sweet Hunter!"
True Love is pulling the big one in!

"My Sweet Niece", her boyfriend, her big fish!

Me & my Biggest fish!
Sorry guys, the girls outfished you!

The other Captain, "My Sweet BIL!

"My Sweet SIL" always thinking of others!

We have had a great weekend with "My Sweet Honey's" brother and his wife. They have a lakehouse and we have a boat! Great combination, huh? We had such a wonderful time. My SIL is a wonderful cook and she always aims to please everyone. I knew that she would try to take care of all of us, so I made a cake and a casserole to try to help and we ate that the first night. She had made a coconut sour cream cake that was out of this world. Maybe she will share the recipe with me and I will share with you. They grilled pork chops, chicken, hamburgers, & brats! We definately ate well! My MIL went with us also. She just celebrated her 78th birthday. We took her for a ride on the boat, but she mostly stayed in the house. We were all very honored to have her. My SIL and I often talk about how she raised 2 good, honest, faithful & Christian boys which are "Our Sweet Honey's!" We both love them so and are very proud of them. We each have 4 children. Out of all of our children, only 1 came to the lake. We were honored to have "My Sweet Niece" and her boyfriend. They are so cute & in love. They went fishing with us several times. We had a ball! We are home now and getting back to reality, but looking forward to many more good times with our family at the lake!
The Love of a Family is Life's Greatest Blessing!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our Baby Is Having A Baby!

Mandy & Dusty in Hawaii!
Look pretty sneaky, don't they?

Hey Dad, Look at this box that came to my house today!

Baby Bottle???

What????? Are you trying to tell us something?

We were shocked, but oh so happy!
Our Baby is having a baby!

Dad hugging Mandy & Dusty!

Me hugging Mandy & Dusty!

Mandy & Dusty are having a baby! This is their first baby. Let me introduce you to our 4th grandbaby! Look in the sidebar and you will see a picture of "Sweet Baby"! It is an unreal feeling to have your baby having a baby!
There are no words! We are so excited!
They called and told us to meet them and the rest of the family at Chili's. They said they were discouraged and just needed to be with us. So off we go to chili's.....When we got there, all our other children were there waiting. Needless to say, they were not discouraged at all! We sat down to order and our baby daughter, Mandy told her dad to look at something that was delivered to her house that day. He opened a very cute little box and in it was 2 bibs (along with other baby items) - bibs that said I love Grandpa & I love Grandma! We were shocked! We knew it would happen but were not expecting it that night. They have been married 7 years. They had several goals that they wanted to reach before starting their family. One was a trip to Hawaii. The other was to get out of debt except for their home. They are very smart. We are very proud of them!
Congrats Mandy & Dusty!
We love you both! We cannot wait!
Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old he will not depart from it.  Proverbs 22:6

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Day In My Life

Iris's & Daylilies that my mother gave me.
I put them in my holding garden until I find
them their new home. I am pooped.

My baby Japanese Maple surrounded by
marigolds (I planted from seed) & monkey grass
that I transplanted.

One of my beautiful Easter Lily Blooms

My Roses that Sweet Hunter gave me at my mailbox

Me in my P.J.'s with my
quilting magazine on my screened porch!

I have been trying to catch up on my gardening. I am running behind in my vegetable garden, but I will get it done. Here are a few pictures of what I have been doing. My mom gave me some iris's and daylilies and I planted all them today. They look droopy now, but will perk up soon. I planted all of them in a little raised bed garden I have. I plant extra flowers and plants in there when I am not sure where I want to put them. This gives them a good start before finding their new home. I have also been trying to catch up on other outside chores such as mowing etc. Our plans are to go to the lake this weekend so I have to get everything done! It is suppose to be sunny and in the 80's. I hope so because I can't stand cold!!

Oh my goodness! I got a surprise in the mail today! Guess who it is from.....
"My Sweet Mother!"
It is an American Quilter magazine!
Thanks Mom!

It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.
~Charles Spurgeon

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Baby It's Cold On The Lake

View From The Lake House

Us & Our Boat!
My SIL & Her "Sweet Honey"
Is that me backing the truck up? This could be scary!!
I did it! Boat safely in water- Truck safely on land!
View from the boat dock

Who said it was going to be warm & sunny?

So cold....But so glad to be here!

We decided it was a good time to take the boat to the lake yesterday but ........boy it was so cold!!
"My Sweet Hunter's" brother and his wife have a lake house and invited us to put our boat there. It is so nice and peaceful there. We are so excited. We never get to see each other, so maybe we will get to spend some family time together at the lake. We were so cold, but went for a little ride anyway! Thank goodness we had blankets and coats! After we got through putting the boat in the slip, we went out to eat together. We rode around and looked at some of the houses on the lake. They were just beautiful! They took us to the neatest little country store. I wish I had took my camera in the store. It was so unique.
I sure hope it gets warm so we can go fishing!!!!
Time spent with family is worth every second!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Our First Grandson

Our First Grandson

Him so cute!!!

I can see him playing professionally one day
and making a million bucks!
A Million?
What am I talking about?
Maybe 5 Million!
We just can't believe our little grandson, Brother aka Brett is 5 years old. In August, he will actually be starting school!! It seems like yesterday when he was born. We are so thankful to have him in our lives. Right after he was born, he was very sick and we didn't know if he was going to live. But he has been a blessing to our family. He is our little miracle baby! Our first grandson!
We love him so!
We love you!
Gran & PawPaw

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Maranda!

Mom & Dad welcoming you into this world!
Oh my goodness!
You are just your Daddy made over!
There are no words.....

We love you baby...........

Happy Birthday Big Sis aka Maranda!!!
Love Mom & Dad

Monday, May 12, 2008

Quilting With Ethel aka Vicki

We taped it on the floor.

Are you resting, Vicki?

I was actually showing her how to lay a quilt out to get it ready to quilt.....
Like I even knew what I was doing!

We were down at the clubhouse at Loreley in Helen, Ga.
The guys had gone fishing so we were quilting.

This took a lot of safety pins!
This took a lot of safety pins.
How did Granny do it with 3?

Vicki says, "Are my knees suppose to hurt like this"?
I said, "I think so"! We are Lucy & Ethyl!
Lucy & Ethel
Vicki asked me was her knees suppose to hurt like that!!!

She said it already felt like a quilt!
Wonder when she will finish it?

She's already started!
I think she's in her happy place!

This is block #1 of the new quilt along!
Isn't it just beautiful?

I worked on this quilt for my son,
Nathan while we were in Helen Ga.

Yes, we quilted on vacation! I worked on my quilt top that I am doing with Amanda Jean's Quilt along! I only have a little more work to get it done. I also did quilt block #1 on her new quilt along. I think I need to go on vacation again, so I can sew. Several people laughed when I told them I was taking my sewing machine on vacation with me but I enjoyed it so much. It makes me smile. I feel proud. I feel peace. I feel joy.
The other pictures are my best friend Vicki's quilt. It is all hand done. I asked her to bring it on our trip and I would help her get it basted so she could get to quilting on it. I learned to baste with safety pins in my quilt class that I took with My Mom! Vicki probably thought I really knew what I was doing. But a big quilt like that was a little harder than my wall hanging. We were pouring sweat. We had a very nice place to do it though. Our condos have a big clubhouse down on the river and it was great. We had a ball! You all would love Vicki! I am trying to talk her into doing a blog. She is so funny!