Saturday, December 11, 2010

Friday Night Sew In, OPAM.... BUT I Have A Problem

Well this is not my problem......I went last Saturday with my Mom
to our favorite quilt store and I came back with all of this.
We also visited JoAnn's! We had a ball!!!

And this is not my problem either!
I rolled my Peaches and cream yarn into balls and put them in my new jar.
I have wanted this jar for a long time and was too tight to spend the 9.99 it costs.
Isn't that silly? I had it in my mind that I could make one.......
I finally figured out that it was not going to happen.
I LOVE it!
I am glad that I bought it.

This is not a problem either....
This is what i am working on with Heidi and Bobbi's Friday Night Sew In!
I also am joining in the OPAM with Peg!
I picked something small so I could really finish it.
This is my first dish cloth and I loved doing it.
It was easy and fun!
There is another FNSI next Friday night, December 17!!!
Come join in the fun!

THIS IS MY PROBLEM........And it is a problem!
I LOSE everything! I bought a new pocketbook that has a place for a cell phone
and my camera on the outside of it.
It worked for a few days. Then it happened. Last night I could not find my cell phone anywhere!
"Sweet Hunter" had to call it to find it and guess where it was!
In my pocketbook.....but not in the place it is suppose to be. glasses......oh my! camera......................what do I do?
Oh yes, in my overnight bag I could not find my toothbrush!
I keep my overnight bag packed all the time because we travel
so much, so the other day I got the bright idea to organize it.......
then we go on a trip and that is when I realized that I could not find my toothbrush.
Now it is in a bright purple TB holder.
I went and bought another toothbrush and then guess what happened?
I found it!!!! Guess where? In my overnight case!!!
I organize.....I can't I have come to the conclusion that........


Amelia said...

You are funny - surely you don't misplace things that frequently.

I don't crochet but I can see where the jar would be perfect for keeping the thread in a proper position at all times....with the jar you don't have to worry about the ball rolling under a chair or sofa.

Enjoy the day!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I can't solve your problem but if it helps I do that same stuff all the time. blessings, marlene

Scottish Nanna said...

Oh Val you make me laugh but beleive me girl you are not the only one that loses everything count me in I do the same.I love your jar I need one of those.They stop the cotton from twisting when you are working with it.
Hugs Mary.

Pat said...

Maybe your purse and your overnight bag are too big and things have too much room to "hide" on you in there?? LOL

caknitter said...

You're just good at putting things away, that's all. :-) I love the new pocketbook. Maybe a small keychain flashlight will help you find stuff in your bag? I know sometimes I can't find stuff because the bottom of my bag is so dark. Have a great weekend!

Mama Pea said...

This summer I got a lovely new wooden desk to replace my old metal clunker. The old one was a disaster because the drawers were too stuffed full and nothing was organized. When I transferred everything to the new desk, I took the time to sort and clean and organize. And now you can guess what. I can't find anything anymore when I knew just where it was in the old messy desk!

Michelle said...

I'm so organized, I don't know where ANYTHING is!

Needled Mom said...

If you have a problem then it must be spreading throughout blogland as I have the same issue.

webbsway said...

Now it is in a bright purple TB holder.
I went and bought another toothbrush and then guess what happened?
I found it!!

Val, honey - do you know what I call that????? INSURANCE! Because I know the minute I get another one - the original will show up! LOL So, you know I do it too. LOL :)

Allie said...

Love the goodies you got, and your dishcloth Val! You sound just like me - I have to have a big bag to dump everything in, if I tuck it away in a pocket in a vain attempt to be organized I can never find it.

Real Life Reslers said...

LoL!!!! I have the same problem! Too bad you can't just call your toothbrush too! I lose everything. One time I was yelling for my husband to come help me find my keys because I was late (running around like a crazy person) when he gently came up to me and pointed to them. In my hand. Oh well....

By the way, I redecorated by lil ol blog so if you get a chance please a have looky-loo and let me know what you think!

Granny J said...

I love your new purse but never buy one with a black lining because I can't find a thing in them. I must have your same problem because I now have three size N crochte hooks. I misplaced the first two and ended up buying a third one so I could make some hats for the homeless shelter. I've since found the first two. :)

I have to ask, what is OPAM?

Love Bears All Things said...

You sound so like me...I have kept a separate toiletries bag for many years as it is just easier than trying to remember everything I need to pack when I travel...on this recent trip, I didn't check luggage so I used a small tote as a purse/flight bag then a rolling overnight bag for my clothes...had to try to minimize my toiletries so all liquids were oz or smaller and fit in the quart bag..not easy.
I like using the crocheted washcloths and have made a few.
We're getting a JoAnn's here...supposed to open in February..can't wait...I used to go all the time when I lived in PA.
Mama Bear

John'aLee said...

Love your yarn in the jar! Darling project too. A smart do something on Friday Night Sew In that you can actually finish!

Alice Grace said...

I often lose things, and the biggest problem I have is that you can't call your lost keys, etc. when you lose them like you can the phone, but I have to confess the thought has entered my mind! LOL

Connie said...

Val, sounds like me can never find my glasses and in my purse everything get losem i have little pocket for my stuff but i stll misplace.LOL Burrrrrrrrr it is cold here with snow!

Patty Sumner said...

So funny Val! Reminds me of myself. I sometimes get so organizedd that I can't find anything! lol.....Blessings, needed that!

Diane said...

You are so funny. But I can totally relate. I always have the best ideas and I try to organize but when I do I get all "discombobulated", did you like my big word? Everytime I clean stuff out, can't find nothing. But I do have good intentions:)

Kerrie said...

I suffer from that same problem! I smiled through the whole read! Our youngest daughter is staying with us right now and she is always on "a search" to find what I cannot! This especially happens when I clean up or organized things! When I am messy, I know exactly where things are-ha!

Kim said...

Oh Val, I have to write notes to myself all the time to remember to do what I need to do. I even have them on mine and Diane's desk at work, I write them for her too because she can't remember anything either. I don't lose things yet, but I bet that's coming:). I really like your new purse ( I think it's funny that you call it a pocketbook, I used to have a boss from North Carolina when I was about 18 and he would call our purses pocketbooks and we thought that was so funny), and I love the quilt that it's sitting on!

PEA said...

We'll just have to place everything in one bag and hang it from your neck so that you don't lose anything! LOL That was too funny but I know how frustrating it is to lose or I should say "misplace" things:-)

I love those kinds of dish cloths, mom used to bring some for me whenever she'd spend the winters in Florida...a friend of hers there made them and mom always bought some for me:-) Glad you finally broke down and bought that jar, looks to be the perfect thing to keep those threads in order!! xoxo

All4Him said...

We are so much alike!!!! lol