Saturday, May 30, 2009

Visit With Granny

This is a scrappy quilt Granny is making. She said someone told
her to take all of her scraps and make one.
She seems to really like this one.
Isn't Triston just beautiful?
She is growing up so fast.
I am so glad that they know Granny.
I love this one. It is probably my favorite.
Whose hands do I see in the middle behind that quilt?

Oh it is Brother!!!
Alyssa always loves to see Granny's quilts.
This is the one she just finished.

This is one of my dads gardens. Isn't it beautiful?

My dad planted several gardens at Granny's house.
This little patch is Granny's. It is close to the house so she can see it.

Isn't she precious?

She always takes me to see her stack of quilts.

I don't know what my camera did on Triston's nose!

This is me & my Aunt Joyce.
I told my grandchildren yesterday that Joyce is the
reason I love charm bracelets.

That is my Uncle Joe talking on the phone & the other,
is my dad & then "brother" is sitting at Granny's table
eating candy. I guess he wanted to be with the guys!
I was so tickled to see Uncle Joe & Aunt Joyce & my dad over at Granny's yesterday. I don't get to see my aunts or uncles too much. Joe is daddy's brother and Joyce is daddy's sister. The kids got out of school yesterday so we ran by right after I picked them up. We had a great visit. Have I told you that I love Granny? Oh yes, I think I have.

Friday, May 29, 2009


I caught the biggest trout while on our little trout fishing trip in Helen Ga.!

We went to a place where we had went with our BFF's Vicki & Eddie for our last little
fishing experience before we left. It is such a peaceful place and no one was there.
We loved it. We were catching fish left and right.

My Sweet Honey was trying out his fly rod. He was having so much fun catching fish.
All of the sudden a car pulled up. We looked up the hill and I have to say I got a little
scared. All I could see is a man. Then the next thing I knew there was a lot of noise up on the road. Lots of talking. Now you have to remember all we could hear was the birds singing and the trickling of the river. There were stairs coming down from the road to a little piece of ground right at a great fishing hole. I kept looking up at the road thinking to myself......what is he doing?
I kept looking at Randy letting him know I was getting scared.
All of the sudden the man and his wife carries a huge gas grill down the stairs and plops it down on the ground right behind us. Then 2 little kids come running down the hill. Next the guy brings the propane tank and hooks it up. Now I am 5 feet in front of him fishing. They were very loud. The wife is yelling down asking him what all to bring down. They pile up garbage bags on top of the car and then carried them down right behind us. They bring fishing rods and start throwing them out right where we are in the water. Oh I forgot to tell you that their dog was running around getting into our stuff too. They never spoke. They just moved in. One time the guy threw his line right over Randys. Randy was not too happy. Randy just told him that he was getting over his line. The guy didn't say anything! How rude! Nevertheless, they got what they wanted..............We left! Randy said that you just don't do that. He said that was so rude. He said the sad thing is the children will grow up and be just like this. He said if they hadn't had children, he would have said something to them but it wasn't the childrens fault.
Here is the family from RUDEville! When we got to the top of the hill I took these pictures.
So just in case they see themselves on here (which is doubtful I know) then they will know how rude they were. Ya think?

Here is another picture of the family from RUDEville.
It is so sad that people are not more respectable.
One of the kids told me they had to leave their campsite.
I thought they were gonna camp there but Randy said that
you couldn't. The game warden was right up the road so I hope they
checked them. Randy told me when he was growing up and his uncles took him fishing
that this is one thing they taught him. He said they always said do not go where someone else is fishing. That is just disrespectful & RUDE.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Look Around

I loved visiting this place in Helen Ga.
We could look off of the porch and see huge trout.
There is a place right up from this store that takes you
on a guided fishing trip and you have the opportunity
to catch some of these. I am sure it cost a pretty penny
to do that. We enjoyed going in this store and stayed quite a while
just looking around. We went here as we were heading out of Helen
before our stop at the Dillard House and then home.
This is a candy counter that was in the store.
I would love to have that cabinet in my sewing room!

They were grinding corn on 125 year old stones
powered by the Chattahoochee River.

These are some wooden bowls that we saw at the Granary.
They had grits cooking and something that tasted like oatmeal but it wasn't.
You could get a sample of both. They were delicious.
We all bought some grits and corn meal.

Now we are at the Dillard House and we are hungry! Here is the menu when you walk in. It is the best and most food!
Behind the Dillard House there is a petting zoo & horseback riding.
We did the horseback riding one time. He said when fall comes we will come and do that again.
They have goats, chickens, pigs, buffalo, horses, cows, ducks, horses & more.
The first time my sweet honey took me here he didn't
tell me about this until we started to leave.
He knew that I would just love it so every time we come to eat here we
always go back to the animals!
I don't think Maranda was too fond of this long horn cow!

Is this goat pregnant or what? She is a pygmy goat and they
have multiples. I had one that had 6 babies one time!
I took a picture from the top down so you could see how big she is!
She is huge!

This is part of the Dillard House. There is the Dining room, Chalets, Lodging & stables.
I just love it so I took a picture to share.
The restaurant is on the right and then there are places to stay over night.
We didn't get to go to the Dillard House the last time we were in Helen so my sweet honey took me there this time. It is very expensive and you have to go hungry but it is sooooo good!
We try to go once a year or so! They seat you and then just start bringing bowls of food out. You can eat all you want and they fill up the bowls as you empty them. You are even allowed to take home what you don't eat. It is a very nice place but you must go hungry!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Best Fishing Partners

My daughter Maranda & Lane were the best fishing
partners even though
they didn't fish. When we were close enough to the condos
they brought us snacks and "cold cokes"!!
What more could we ask for?
Here they are at Hofer's Bakery & Cafe
picking out Lane's mom & dad some goodies.
They were voted Best Bakery In Atlanta & NE Ga.
They have the best coffee!

Here they are looking at some of this enamelware at
Nora Mill Granery! This was a very neat place.
There were huge trout that you could see in the water.
We sure would like to catch one of those.

Don't tell Maranda but we had just saw a big snake right there in the water!

This is where we found them after we were through fishing that afternoon.
They had made Guacomole, Pinwheel sandwiches, salsa and lots of other goodies.
These are the best kind of fishing partners......the kind that cook!

We had so much fun in so little time this past weekend. Maranda & Lane relaxed and just enjoyed the get away. Randy & I relaxed too even though we did do some fishing. I loved it. We actually went to eat breakfast before we went fishing. It is so funny. None of us require much. We don't have to be entertained. We are so content just doing nothing in Helen Ga.! Can you all tell that I love going there?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Trout Fishing? Me?

This is our second trip to Helen Ga. to trout fish this year.
I think I am hooked! Several years ago I told my sweet honey that I
would not go back trout fishing with him....ever. He had took me on this big huge side of
a mountain and I was hanging from trees just thinking how many snakes were around me everywhere while he made it down to a beautiful waterfall that I never saw.
Nevertheless, I am not climbing down the side of mountains, but I have
found a new hobby.
I was determined to buy me some waders but couldn't find
any before we left Saturday so I just took my rubber boots.
They don't work as good as waders!
We saw 3 big snakes. I don't like snakes!
We caught quite a few fish-more than last trip but we went to
some different places. We had a ball!

I even learned how to tie on my own hook!
I am so proud!

Most of the fish were caught right down from our condos!

This weekend was a spur of the moment trip. We had just returned from Helen a couple of weeks ago but we have the trout fishing bug! I can't believe that I am loving it like I do.
My daughter Maranda, & Lane went with us but they didn't fish. They fixed lots of good food and just enjoyed the rest & relaxation. It was a great trip and I am already ready to go back!
I just cannot believe that I love trout fishing!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Wanna Come & Visit Granny With Me?

Granny is showing me a book she is reading.
She loves to read. It is a book called Crazy Love.
When she showed it to me and told me how good it
was; I thought to myself "Crazy Love"?!? Granny???
But then I found out it has lots of scripture in it.
Whew! I was about to wonder!
I just love this woman so much!!!

This is the last quilt she made. She has made 2 since I was there last.
Today was wash day so no sewing going on today.
She is really amazing!

This is her hanging baskets on one side of her porch.
She has lots of beautiful plants.
See that one in the middle. One day I was there &
broke off a piece to root. It is almost ready to plant.
I wonder if she ever noticed. I would have asked but
I had the baby in the car seat and was already headed out
and as I was leaving I heard the sewing machine going and
I knew she wouldn't mind so I just got it.
I have been meaning to tell her about it though.
My Sweet Granny!

My daughter Maranda & my grandchildren are on the swing talking to Granny.

Me & Granny just a rocking!

My grandchildren, Granny's great great grandchildren joined us for this picture.
They just love Granny!
Both Granny's!
My beautiful daughter Maranda wanted to spend some time with the kids so
she took off from work early and went with me to pick them up from school
so she got to see Granny too.
This is a huge tree in Granny's front yard. There are actually 2 of them.
I have always took pictures of my grandchildren with them posing around big trees
so they know when they see a tree like this to get ready for pictures!
Thanks for sharing this visit with Granny!
I knew I better do a post with her or I would be getting lots of emails!
Everybody loves Granny!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Big Lesson In a Tiny Old Book

James Stebbins
Bad Habits Resisted And Overcome
"Well, James, you have had a most delightful day, both for study and for amusement. Every thing around us has looked bright and joyous, but has my little son been happy to-day?"
As James thought over the events of the day, he felt that he had been far from happy most of the time, and he answered.....
"No, mother, I do not think I have been happy."
"But what has been the reason, my son?'
"I do not know, mother; only it seems as if every thing has happened to vex me."
"Do you think the difficulty has been in the things which have happened to vex you, or in yourself?"
"I do not know, Mother."
"Well, my son, let us talk over the history of the day, and perhaps we may be able to find out.
The first thing that vexed you in the morning was that we had finished breakfast before you came down, was it not?"
"Yes, Mother."
"Well, you might have avoided this by being up in season, you know."
"But I was so sleepy, and it was very hard to get up."
"And was it not quite as hard to get up when you did, as it would have been to have got up the first time your father called you?"
"Yes, mother, I think it was."
"Then it seems you did not gain any thing by putting it off so long, but lost much. I hope you will think of this tomorrow morning. You have proved to-day that it is a bad thing to begin the day wrong. But what was the next thing that happened?"
"When I was ready to go to school I could not find my geography, because Lucy had it."
"You found it soon enough to be at school in season, did you not?"
"Yes, Mother."
"Then you had no reason for being angry, do you think you had?"
"I suppose I had not."
"What was the next thing that happened to trouble you?"
"Next I lost my place at the head of the class. George Williams went above me."
"Do you not suppose it gives George Williams quite as much pleasure to be at the head of the class as it does you?"
"I suppose it does."
"If you had thought of this, and remembered what the Bible says about 'loving our neighbor as ourselves,' do you think you would have felt so unhappy because George went above you in the class?"
"I do not think I should."
"Now, then, tell me what was the next thing that troubled you?"
"When I was coming home from school, John Slater knocked off my hat."
"And suppose you had taken it pleasantly when John knocked it off, would it not have been as well as to be made either angry or unhappy by it?"
"And no I need not spend my time to convince you that you were indulging very wrong feelings when you were so unwilling to leave your new book for a few minutes to assist your mother. And thus, my dear son, do you not see that not the events which have occurred to vex you, but your own angry passions, have made you unhappy to-day?"
"Yes, mother, I do," said James, "and tomorrow I will try not to let such trifles vex me, and do you see if I will not be a better and happier boy."
"I hope you will, my son," said his mother, as she kissed him and bid him good-night. We will soon see how he made out.
The next night, as James came into the room, his mother said to him, "I shall not inquire whether you have been happy to-day, my son, for it is evident that you have. But before I bid you good-night, I wish you to tell me some of the things which have made you so."
"I will commence then with the morning," said James. "I started up as soon as I heard my father's voice calling me, and it did not seem half so hard as when I lay and thought about it: so I had time for a fine run in the garden before breakfast. It was so pleasant, I thought the birds never sung so sweetly before. I did not know it was so very pleasant early in the morning."
His mother smiled and said, "The boys that lay in bed till after breakfast are not the boys that make such discoveries."
"When the breakfast bell rang," said James, "I was right glad to hear it, for I had run till I was hungry."
"Did you regain your place at the head of your class?" said his mother.
"No, mother; George Williams came very near missing a word, and for a moment I was ready to hope that he would, but then I thought of what you said, and that perhaps if he should lose his place, he would feel as bad as I did yesterday, and I was glad when he succeeded in spelling the word. When I went out, I found that one of the boys had knocked my hat off the nail in the entry. I was beginning to feel very angry, but I thought how foolish and wicked it was to get angry for such a trifle. When I had time to think more about it I was very glad I did not get angry with him, for I did not think he meant to knock it down. When I returned home at night I found Lucy was very busy looking at the pictures in my new book. I wished to finish reading it, and was going to catch it from her; but she looked very unwilling to give it up just then, and I thought I would go out to do something else, so I said to her, 'Lucy, I shall want my book when I come in again, and you will make haste and get through with it, won't you?'
And Lucy said, 'Yes, James,' and when I came back again she reached out her little hands to give me the book and I felt very glad I had not rudely taken it from her."
When James had finished his story, his mother's kind look of approval, and her affectionate kiss, made his heart bound with joy. She went with him to his chamber, and knelt with him to pray that God would help her little son to conquer all his wicked passions, that he might become a useful and happy man.
I hope my young friends will learn , from the story of James, that neither pleasant weather, nor kind friends, nor any other blessings, will make them happy, if they indulge in wicked and angry passions.
Dedicated to my Grandma Cochran - Gone but not forgotten.
This little book was one of the treasures that I found in her sewing box.

Have You Heard About Sophie?

Little "D" is in love with Sophie!
One of Mandy's friends Joyce, brought Little "D" this little Giraffe.
She has a grandbaby named Oliver who is 12 days older than Davis so she knows what babies like.
Little "D" is almost scooting around and he wants Sophie to come closer!

This teething toy is the best toy I have ever seen.
He will not let it out of his sight.

He played with it so hard in the car that he fell asleep but still held on to Sophie tight. If you have a baby or grandbaby that is teething- this is the best gift ever!
Thank you Joyce!
Honestly, this is the best little toy. I googled it to find out why he loved it so and this is what I found out:
Sophie the Giraffe...a natural rubber teething toy for baby!
Sophie the Giraffe has been a favorite teething toy in France for more than 40 years. Since her creation in 1961, Sophie the Giraffe has wowed hundreds of babies (and parents!) with her natural beauty and charm. More importantly her flexible, renewable, natural rubber materials and non-toxic paint mean Sophie the Giraffe is a safe and all-natural teething toy for your little one. Parents world-wide trust the joy this classic toy brings to their babies.
Lovable and amusing, Sophie the Giraffe has quickly became a popular gift item for newborn babies. With her timeless appeal, Sophie was designed to stimulate the senses and soothe sore, teething gums. Mothers recognize the benefits of this little giraffe almost immediately! Soft, light and easy to grasp, Sophie is perfect for little hands to hold and easy on aching gums. She even makes a delightful "squeak" when squeezed which can't help but bring a smile to any infant's face.
Why parents world-wide LOVE Sophie the Giraffe:
Natural Rubber is soft, safe & non-toxic for baby to teethe & chew.
Lightweight & easy to grasp for tiny hands.
Painted with non-toxic, food-grade paints.
Stimulating to a baby’s senses with her soft colors & gentle squeak.
Sophie the Giraffe is Phthalate-Free with NO Vinyl (no-PVC)!
Bumpy head helps soothe sore, teething gums.
Sophie makes a soft squeak when squeezed - such fun for a baby!
Slender, flexible & soft - babies love manipulating & teething Sophie.
Hand-made in France, Sophie the Giraffe is a classic

Sounds like I sell them, doesn't it? Well, I don't but it is a great teething toy!