Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sure Honey!

Sweet Hubby: Wanna go fishing?
Me: Sure Honey.
Sweet Hubby: Look how big this river is.
Me: Look. There is a little dock I could fish from.
Sweet Hubby: I bet there are some big ones in here.
Me: Looks kind of rough to me.
Sweet Hubby: Look at those deep holes.

Me: Where you going honey?

Sweet Hubby: Just follow me.

Me: O.K.?

Sweet Hubby: Wrong place. Turn around.
Me: Looks awful snakey to me.
Sweet Hubby: O.K. Lets go over here. You go first.
Me: O.K. (Hey how did hubby get that camera?)

Sweet Hubby: Just climb over. Come on!

Now you think this is staged for the picture but this is really actually me falling down.
Sweet hubby had the camera because he was carrying stuff for me as we went down this trail.
I went trout fishing a long time ago deep in the woods with hubby and I said that I would not do that again. How I got here, I just don't know! I found out a while back that there are 2 ways to trout fish. You can go deep in the woods with the snakes and bears or you can pull your car off and fish in a shallow stream. I like the shallow stream! We finally stopped and he caught a couple of good trout. I caught about 5 little succers! I think I like fishing from the boat better! It was so fun though!! I love our special trips.
Next time I say "sure honey"......I will make sure where we are going! Ha!


Pat said...

I am so not an outdoorsy, fishing/hunting kind of person. You are much braver than I am!!! When you said "snakey", you lost me....I don't do snakes and stuff like that very well! LOL

ddogood said...

Oh dear, that not only looked snakey, but also buggie. I'm not sure I would have ventured down there. You must be a die hard fisherwoman! LOL!

Thanks for sharing the pics.


Amelia said...

I bet that was fun...I love to fish and am always pleased when my honey wants me as his partner on some of these type trips.

Patty said...

Looks like you had some fun, it does look a bit buggy though. So who cooked up the fish?

Allie said...

Glad you had fun - I do ALL my fishing from a boat, lol! No woods for me! Be careful out there!

Mama Pea said...

You looked pretty classy to be going fishin'!

Michelle said...

Snakes?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you see any? Loved your post.

caknitter said...

Looks like a great adventure.
Valerie, I love your outfit!
You're not only an outdoorsy gal, you're also a fashionista and know how to dress for every occasion. Lol :-)

Firecrackerkid said...

Ah, this is an excellent activity for you to do with hubby. You did good gal, I'm proud of ya. I used to fish creeks and ponds with hubby. Used to bait my own hook... used too, not now. Yuk! LOL
Enjoy your holiday weekend Valerie.

Granny J said...

I love the picture of the old iron bridge. We had one about a quarter mile from our first home. I could tell when anyone was coming down the road long before they got to our house from the sound of the boards rumbling.

I noticed you had on long pants and had them tucked in and your hubby had on shorts and tennis shoes. I love to fish and will go lots of places but I'm like you, no shorts for me when in the woods.

Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures and your commentary...I am glad you had a great time regardless.

Have a great Memorial day weekend!

Barbara said...

Looks like lots of fun to me, we go fishing off a railroad tressle too, but the Satilla River is not as fast as that river, where is that? I enjoyed your post, and hope you have lots of fun days, giggles, stay on your feet though it makes it easier,Bless your day, Hugs Barbara from

Darla said...

You better be careful with that "sure honey" reply. Lord only knows what he will have you doing next,lol.

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Midlife Mom said...

I like to fish but from the boat! I don't want any black flies or other creatures bothering me! Or snakes! We plan to go fishing some time this weekend so I hope to get some good perch.

What treasures you got from your Mom! Like you say those are the best kind!!! The pillowcases are just gorgeous and I love the pictures. My Mom is neat as a pin too and even though she can't see hardly at all she still keeps a nice looking house.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend with your family!!!

Tyler said...
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Alice Grace said...

Is there anything you can't do! I remember you were the only one on on of our our Florida fishing trips when you were a little girl that caught something! A big stingray! You truly are a great outdoors girl to be so girly in the kitchen and at sewing!

prashant said...
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PEA said...

I think I would much prefer to fish from a boat as well! lol Just never know what you'll meet when you start walking in the woods. It's funny, I have 4 brothers, yet whenever dad would go fishing, I'm the one who went with him, the boys were never interested. Of course I loved having daddy all to myself:-) He used to often tell me of this one time when we were fishing, a huge pike was swimming around my worm but he wouldn't tell me because he knew it would terrify me and probably tilt me right out of the boat if I had hooked it (I was only about 5 years old)so he had his net ready in case I did hook it. Thank goodness I didn't and didn't know about it! LOL xoxo